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Specification Sheets

Find the specification sheet for your Franke Home Solution Product

Stainless Steel Sink Collections

Culinary Center CUX16021-W Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (326 KB)

Culinary Center CUX11010-W Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (298 KB)

Peak_PKX11016.pdf PDF (165 KB)

Peak_PKX1108.pdf PDF (232 KB)

Peak_PKX160_PKX160LH.pdf PDF (241 KB)

Peak_PKX11028.pdf PDF (176 KB)

Peak_PKX11025.pdf PDF (234 KB)

Peak_PKX11028-WKC.pdf PDF (285 KB)

Peak_PKX11013.pdf PDF (192 KB)

Peak_PKX11018.pdf PDF (169 KB)

Peak_PKX11021.pdf PDF (201 KB)

Professional 2.0_PS2X110-33-WKC.pdf PDF (198 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-24-12.pdf PDF (150 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X120-16-16.pdf PDF (189 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-18.pdf PDF (140 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X160-18-11.pdf PDF (192 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-15.pdf PDF (140 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-21.pdf PDF (147 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-27.pdf PDF (150 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X120-14-14.pdf PDF (154 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-30-12.pdf PDF (139 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-30.pdf PDF (139 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-24.pdf PDF (150 KB)

Professional 2.0 PS2X110-33.pdf PDF (170 KB)

Pescara PTX110-14.pdf PDF (219 KB)

Pescara_ PTX110-31-WKC.pdf PDF (183 KB)

Pescara PTX110-28.pdf PDF (176 KB)

Pescara PTX110-22.pdf PDF (257 KB)

Pescara PTX160-31.pdf PDF (130 KB)

Pescara PTX160-40.pdf PDF (137 KB)

Pescara PTX110-25.pdf PDF (176 KB)

Pescara PTX110-17.pdf PDF (258 KB)

Pescara PTX110-31.pdf PDF (169 KB)

Pescara PTX160-37.pdf PDF (136 KB)

Pescara PTX110-20.pdf PDF (250 KB)

Orca_OR2X110-S_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (178 KB)

Orca_OR2X110_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (201 KB)

Orca_OR2X110-WKC_Rev.2.pdf PDF (236 KB)

Prestige PCX1102109.pdf PDF (262 KB)

Prestige PRX11021.pdf PDF (219 KB)

Regatta RGX160.pdf PDF (337 KB)

Cube CUX11027-ADA_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (239 KB)

Cube_CUX11030-WKC_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (302 KB)

Cube_CUX11027_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (237 KB)

Cube_CUX11025_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (225 KB)

Cube CUX120 SpecSheet.pdf PDF (278 KB)

Cube_CUX16032_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (171 KB)

Cube_CUX11021_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (243 KB)

Cube CUX160 SpecSheet.pdf PDF (268 KB)

Cube_CUX16024_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (166 KB)

Cube CUX11021-ADA SpecSheet.pdf PDF (245 KB)

Cube_CUX11023_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (255 KB)

Cube_CUX11015_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (223 KB)

Cube_CUX11019_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (153 KB)

Cube_CUX11030_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (249 KB)

Grande_GDX11018_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (299 KB)

Grande_GDX16028RH_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (252 KB)

Grande_GDX16031RH_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (256 KB)

Grande_GDX11015_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (268 KB)

Grande_GDX12031_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (252 KB)

Grande_GDX11031_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (283 KB)

Grande_GDX11012_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (274 KB)

Grande_GDX11023_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (297 KB)

Grande_GDX11028_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (281 KB)

Rotondo RBX-110.pdf PDF (216 KB)

Outdoor ODX110-2310-316.pdf PDF (174 KB)

Outdoor ODX110-2312-316.pdf PDF (170 KB)

CUX11031-W.pdf PDF (159 KB)

CUX11024-W.pdf PDF (169 KB)

CUX11018-W.pdf PDF (174 KB)

Granite Sink Collections

Peak_PKG160LD_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (342 KB)

Peak_PKG160_Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (372 KB)

Peak_PKG11031-WKC.pdf PDF (277 KB)

Peak_PKG11014_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (160 KB)

Peak_PKG11020_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (166 KB)

Peak_PKG11031_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (247 KB)

MAG1601611LD.pdf PDF (195 KB)

MAG11025.pdf PDF (349 KB)

MAG61031OW.pdf PDF (287 KB)

MAG61029.pdf PDF (208 KB)

MAG61015.pdf PDF (229 KB)

MAG11031OW-WKC.pdf PDF (307 KB)

MAG6601812LD.pdf PDF (314 KB)

MAG61023ADA.pdf PDF (368 KB)

MAG6201515.pdf PDF (260 KB)

MAG61023L.pdf PDF (331 KB)

MAG11028.pdf PDF (392 KB)

MAG11023.pdf PDF (321 KB)

MAG6601611LD.pdf PDF (201 KB)

MAG11029.pdf PDF (203 KB)

MAG11031OW.pdf PDF (273 KB)

MAG61023.pdf PDF (324 KB)

MAG11031.pdf PDF (325 KB)

MAG1201515.pdf PDF (272 KB)

MAG61031.pdf PDF (254 KB)

MAG11023ADA.pdf PDF (258 KB)

MAG6201414.pdf PDF (203 KB)

MAG1601812LD.pdf PDF (329 KB)

MAG1201414.pdf PDF (229 KB)

Ellipse ED33229-1 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (416 KB)

Ellipse ES25229-1 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (174 KB)

Ellipse ELG160 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (351 KB)

Ellipse EO33229-1 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (424 KB)

Ellipse ELG11022 Spec Sheet 2022 .pdf PDF (277 KB)

Ellipse ELG120 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (251 KB)

Kubus_KBG11013_SpecSheet.pdf PDF (299 KB)

Kubus_KBG11031_SpecSheet..pdf PDF (240 KB)

Primo DIG62D91 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (247 KB)

Primo DIG61091 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (572 KB)

Gravity DIG62F91 Spec Sheet 2022.pdf PDF (355 KB)

Gravity_DIG162F91 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (253 KB)

Gravity S3322-1 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (193 KB)

Quantum Granite SOX1720-1,SZCH1720-1,SZPW1720-1.pdf PDF (620 KB)

Quantum Quantum Granite Spec Sheet _ SOX1720-1,SZCH1720-1,SZPW1720 2022.pdf PDF (591 KB)

Workcenter Sinks 

Professional 2.0_PS2X110-33-WKC (EN).pdf PDF (198 KB)

Pescara_PTX110-31-WKC (EN).pdf PDF (183 KB)

Peak_PKX11028-WKC (EN).pdf PDF (285 KB)

Cube_CUX11030-WKC (EN).pdf PDF (302 KB)

Orca_OR2X110-WKC_Rev. 2 (EN).pdf PDF (237 KB)

Maris_MAG11031OW-WKC(EN).pdf PDF (307 KB)

Peak_PKG11031-WKC (EN).pdf PDF (276 KB)

Fireclay Sink Collections

Farm House FHK710-36WH Spec Sheet .pdf PDF (142 KB)

Farm House FHK710-30WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (161 KB)

Manor House MHK110-28WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (124 KB)

Manor House MHK720-35WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (160 KB)

Manor House MHK110-20WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (128 KB)

Manor House MHK110-24WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (125 KB)

Manor House MHK720-31WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (166 KB)

Cisterna CCK110-19WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (167 KB)

Cisterna CCK110-15WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (202 KB)

Cisterna CCK110-13WH Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (179 KB)

Faucet Collections

Active FF5800CH, FF5820MBK, FF5880SN Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (165 KB)

Active FFPS5800 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (254 KB)

ACT-SP-MBK.pdf PDF (359 KB)

ACT-SP-CHR.pdf PDF (359 KB)

ACT-PO-STG.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-SNI.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-PWT.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-OYS.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-ONY.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-MBK.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-CHR.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PO-CHA.pdf PDF (299 KB)

ACT-PD-SNI.pdf PDF (260 KB)

ACT-PD-MBK.pdf PDF (260 KB)

ACT-PD-CHR.pdf PDF (260 KB)

Atlas Neo ATL-PO-304.pdf PDF (268 KB)

EOS-PD-IBK.pdf PDF (276 KB)

EOS-PR-GLD.pdf PDF (269 KB)

EOS-PR-304.pdf PDF (269 KB)

EOS-PR-IBK.pdf PDF (269 KB)

EOS-BR-GLD.pdf PDF (259 KB)

EOS-PD-304.pdf PDF (276 KB)

EOS-BR-304.pdf PDF (259 KB)

EOS-PD-316.pdf PDF (298 KB)

EOS-BR-IBK.pdf PDF (259 KB)

EOS-PD-GLD.pdf PDF (276 KB)

Kubus FF4250 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (165 KB)

Kubus FFB4250 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (142 KB)

Kubus FFP4250 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (169 KB)

KUB-PR-304.pdf PDF (305 KB)

KUB-PD-304.pdf PDF (308 KB)

KUB-BR-304.pdf PDF (292 KB)

ICN-SP-MBK.pdf PDF (266 KB)

ICN-PO-CHR.pdf PDF (280 KB)

ICN-PO-MBK.pdf PDF (280 KB)

PES-SP-304.pdf PDF (335 KB)

PES-360-CHR.pdf PDF (272 KB)

PES-SPX-304.pdf PDF (307 KB)

PES-PDX-CHR.pdf PDF (251 KB)

PES-PD-CHR.pdf PDF (320 KB)

PES-PD-SNI.pdf PDF (320 KB)

SMA-PO-SNI.pdf PDF (303 KB)

SMA-PO-CHR.pdf PDF (303 KB)

STL-BR-IBK.pdf PDF (266 KB)

STL-BR-304.pdf PDF (266 KB)

STL-PR-IBK.pdf PDF (268 KB)

STL-PD-304.pdf PDF (262 KB)

STL-PD-316.pdf PDF (283 KB)

STL-BR-GLD.pdf PDF (266 KB)

STL-PD-GLD.pdf PDF (262 KB)

STL-PD-IBK.pdf PDF (262 KB)

STL-PF-304.pdf PDF (221 KB)

STL-PO-304.pdf PDF (303 KB)

STL-PO-GLD.pdf PDF (303 KB)

STL-PO-IBK.pdf PDF (303 KB)

STL-PR-304.pdf PDF (268 KB)

STL-PR-GLD.pdf PDF (268 KB)

Absinthe FFPS5200, FFPS5220, FFPS5280, FFPS5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (205 KB)

Absinthe FFS5200, FFS5220, FFS5280, FFS5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (193 KB)

Absinthe FF5200, FF5220, FF5280, FF5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (187 KB)

Absinthe FFP5200, FFP5220, FFP5280, FFP5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (186 KB)

Absinthe PF5200, PF5220, PF5280, PF5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (202 KB)

Absinthe FFB5200, FFB5220, FFB5280, FF5B290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (171 KB)

Ambient FF3100, FF3120MBK, FF3180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (206 KB)

Ambient PF3100, PF3120MBK, PF3180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (171 KB)

Ambient FFB3100, FFB3120, FFB3180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (215 KB)

Ambient FFP3100, FFP3120, FFP3180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (213 KB)

Cube FFT3350_2022.pdf PDF (170 KB)

Cube FFPD3350_2022.pdf PDF (169 KB)

Cube FF3350_FF3325BSS_FF3391CHG_2022.pdf PDF (176 KB)

Cube FFP3350_FFP3325BSS_FFP3391CHG_2022.pdf PDF (181 KB)

Cube FFB3350_FF3B325BSS_FFB3391CHG_2022.pdf PDF (246 KB)

Cube FF3352_2022.pdf PDF (200 KB)

Peak FFPD5550 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (163 KB)

Professional_FF5300 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (251 KB)

Professional_FFPD5300 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (193 KB)

Professional_FFPD5400 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (186 KB)

Filtration Collections

Universal Filtration UNL-HC-304.pdf PDF (243 KB)

Universal Filtration UNL-HO-304.pdf PDF (238 KB)

Universal Filtration UNJ-FW-304, UNJ-FW-CHR, UNJ-FW-GLD, UNJ-FW-IBK.pdf PDF (257 KB)

Universal Filtration UNJ-HC-304, UNJ-HC-CHR, UNJ-HC-GLD, UNJ-HC-IBK.pdf PDF (255 KB)

Universal Filtration UNJ-HO-304,UNJ-HO-CHR, UNJ-HO-GLD, UNJ-HO-IBK.pdf PDF (251 KB)

Universal Filtration UNL-FW-304.pdf PDF (241 KB)

Absinthe LB15200, LB15220, LB15280, LB15290 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (213 KB)

Absinthe DW15000, DW15020, DW15080, DW15090 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (184 KB)

Absinthe LB15100, LB15120, LB15180, LB15190 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (183 KB)

Ambient LB10200, LB10220, LB10280 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (225 KB)

Ambient LB10100, LB10120, LB10180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (211 KB)

Ambient DW7000C, DW7020C, DW7080C Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (209 KB)

Ambient LB7200C, LB7220C, LB7280C Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (225 KB)

Ambient DW10000, DW10020, DW10080 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (212 KB)

Ambient LB7100C, LB7120C, LB7180C Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (208 KB)

Steel_DW13050_DW13025BSS_DW13091CHG_2022.pdf PDF (169 KB)

Steel_LB13150_LB13125BSS_LB13191CHG_2022.pdf PDF (204 KB)

Steel_LB13250_LB13225BSS_LB13291CHG_2022.pdf PDF (210 KB)


AIUS300.pdf PDF (689 KB)

AIUS200.pdf PDF (571 KB)

AIUS100.pdf PDF (410 KB)

Steel_SD3450SS_SD3425BSS_SD3491CHG.pdf PDF (193 KB)

Ambient SD3100, SD3120, SD3180 Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (125 KB)

Absinthe SD5200, SD5220, SD5280, SD5290SB Spec Sheet.pdf PDF (238 KB)

RNDCVR-XXX Spec Sheet EN.pdf PDF (334 KB)

WD-900-XXX Spec Sheet EN PDF (327 KB)

900-XXX_Spec Sheet EN PDF (333 KB)


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