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Discover our most interesting solutions that we create for everyday use that make cooking easier, healthier and more ecological.

The real heart of your home

At Franke, we aspire to remain at the forefront of product innovation, in order to make your kitchen the real heart of your home. We understand that kitchens are all about relationships, from materials to workflow, and we help to support your lifestyle by creating the perfect space.

Progressive design served with sharp innovation

When it’s time to impress in the kitchen, create a stage that is as sophisticated as your cooking skills and hosting.

For all tastes

With compact design approaches featuring sleek, elegant finishes and choice of water experiences available, each Water Hub configuration is a welcome addition to the home.

Healthier home, healthier planet

With filtered and sparkling water readily available, need for plastic bottles can be reduced in the home by up to 99%. Not only that, having instant boiling water on tap as opposed to boiling a kettle saves significant amounts of energy. Small changes that help create a greener future.

Simplicity under the sink

With multifunctional systems and one box compact solutions for maximum convenience, each Water Hub is designed to be easily installed underneath the sink, saving space within the kitchen.
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Mythos Black Line


Rock new recipes with the help of new Mythos Black Line featuring hero appliances along with supporting innovation that will take your performances to the next level. The stage is yours for the making.
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Discover our range of products

From sinks and taps to hoods and cooking appliances, our wide range of innovative, stylish and premium products offers an ideal set of solutions, whether you are searching for a fully integrated system or a stand-alone hero product for your kitchen.

Our Latest Masterpiece


The Mythos Masterpiece collection is finished to perfection, made from first-class materials and designed to make your daily life easier with numerous matching accessories. Each item is available in a palette of three pure metallic shades for the perfect modern makeover of your kitchen: bold anthracite, stunning copper or sparkling gold. The secret behind Mythos Masterpiece is F-Inox Technology – Franke's exclusive formula that ensures long-lasting beauty of the sink.



Water Hub


Extraordinary water experiences are ready to be enjoyed thanks to a range of innovative Franke home water solutions that allow you to tailor and instantly access your preferred choice of water.

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Creating healthier dishes

Our range of kitchen products and accessories helps you to prepare your food with a healthier mindset, limiting waste and offering unrivalled performance – making everyday cooking effortless.


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Whether you're starting a new project of renovating your kitchen, our trusted Franke partners are ready to bring your vision to life.

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