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The essential filter for your kitchen

As hard-working as it is good-looking, our AQ Sense Smart Hood is the ideal finishing touch in your kitchen.

Featuring unique Air Quality Sensor technology, the AQ Sense Hood constantly monitors the air quality in your kitchen and activates if unsafe levels are detected. This ensures the air is always at the right temperature and humidity, as well as being free from unpleasant cooking odours.

Good for you, your kitchen and the environment

Whether you are hosting an evening for friends or making breakfast for the family, you want to be enjoying the experience and not thinking about whether your cooker hood is working. That's why all our AQ Sense Hood models come equipped with an AUTO mode, enabling the hood to turn on when it's needed and off again when fresh air is restored. Keeping your energy bills low and your air quality high.

AQ Sense hoods illuminating an induction hob


Air quality sensor

The AQ Sense Hood constantly monitors VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), air temperature and humidity, to ensure the air in your kitchen and home remains fresh and pleasant.

Franke @Home Cloud app

As well as keeping you informed with regard to the air quality in your kitchen, our mobile app allows you to easily control the hood, placing its many functions at your fingertips.

Voice compatible

All Franke AQ-Sense Hood models are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant and Apple Siri*. This enables you to use voice commands to switch the hood on and off, set the ventilation speed, activate the lights and check air quality, temperature, and humidity levels.

21.5 inch touch screen

Our premium Monitor Hood model includes the additional feature of a 21.5 inch touchscreen display. Browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music or connect to baby monitors or security camera devices for added benefits.

The AQ Sense Hood in action

Choose your ideal model

Our timeless and sleek designs come in a variety of styles to suit your kitchen and cooking needs.

Vertical inclined or flat

Make your cooking area truly eye-catching with a vertical AQ Sense Hood, with an optional integrated 21.5 inch display monitor. These angled hoods offer plenty of space for cooking and can be fitted in between two wall units or on their own to make a bold statement.

Ceiling or built-in

Show off your AQ Sense Hood with our ceiling option. Ideal for open-plan or large kitchens when placed over the cooking island, to ensure you never bump your head. Alternatively, choose the more discreet integrated model to blend in with your kitchen cabinets.


Where to Buy

Whether you're starting a new project of renovating your kitchen, our trusted Franke partners are ready to bring your vision to life.

Where to Buy