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Box Center Sinks

With the Box Center the most important kitchen accessories become part of the sink unit and accessible all the time. The brand new double bowls are a perfect merge. They are an ideal cooperation between design and function and they address a mid-high segment of kitchen lovers

Optimum workflow

In a well-organised kitchen, every movement you make is effective. The Box Center is the epitome of efficiency in this respect. The most important kitchen accessories are neatly stored in the compartment bowl – right where you need them for preparing food.

Box Center Sink Workflow

Pure hygiene

The two bowls are very easy to clean. You can reach and clean every corner, easily taking out all the removable parts and accessories. The elegant round cover of the waste kit is flush with the bottom for fast cleaning.

Box Center Sink Workflow

Surprising design

The Box Center is a clever and highly practical kitchen solution with a beautiful and compelling design. The two impeccably merged bowls offer a custom-fitted area to store and dry frequently used kitchen accessories that leaves nothing to be desired.

Box Center Sink Workflow

Where to Buy

Whether you're starting a new project of renovating your kitchen, our trusted Franke partners are ready to bring your vision to life.

Where to Buy