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Indulgence with every cup

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A1000

Designed to give everyone their own moment of luxury. Our pioneering Franke A1000 coffee machine brings together our extensive expertise, experience and innovative spirit into one personalized coffee experience. The sumptuous design features an integrated automatic CleanMaster system, FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™ technologies to create outstanding coffee in every cup. With the added flexibility to include a third grinder and a Flavor Station to suit your needs.

Key Features


Coffee with a personal touch

The A1000 is packed with cutting-edge innovations, including an optional iced coffee module and flavor station add-on. Now your customers can personalize and enjoy their coffee their way.

Exceptional flavor extraction

Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology unleashes more flavors from beans so you can refine to individual tastes and deliver complete consistency in every cup.

Barista foam quality

Create endless combinations for milk-based drinks with our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology.

Effortless to use

With a 10.4-inch color touchscreen, it is easier than ever to customize menus, display videos and share nutritional information on your machine.


Open up a world of taste and flavor

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Produce up to 300 cups of consistently outstanding quality drinks including flavored coffees and enticing chocolate creations. Add an extra twist on fruity mixed drinks with the optional Flavor Station.

Supported add-ons and options

Choose from our built-in options or extend your A1000's commercial coffee machine capabilities with our add-on solutions to suit your business needs.


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Cleaning Information

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