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Deliver top performance on a daily basis – cup after cup – with Franke cleaning solutions

Cleaning Solutions

Protect the life of your Franke coffee machine and maintain optimal conditions for continued coffee quality with regular and reliable cleaning using Franke cleaning solutions.


Developed exclusively for our full range of premium coffee machines, our innovative special cleaning agents and water conditioners guarantee perfect cleanliness, optimal performance and long-lasting protection. We stand behind these products and 100% recommend them as the only cleaning solutions to use on your Franke coffee machines.



One cleaning solution for all your coffee machines – Cleaning tabs


Every Franke coffee machine can be throughly cleaned with our original cleaning tabs.


Cleaning Tabs Original:

  • Quantity per package: 100 tablets
  • Package size: 2.3 grams
  • Compatible machines: All

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Cleaning Tabs for all Franke Coffee Machines

Remove any residue – Franke Cleaners for Milk Systems


While the cooling units keep milk perfectly fresh and cold between use, our cleaning products ensure that all internal components that come into contact with milk are thoroughly cleaned – removing any residue and ensuring exceptional quality.


Cleaner for Milk Systems:

  • Bottle size: 1000 milliliters
  • Compatible machines: A200 MS EC, A300 all, A400 NM & MS EC, A600 NM & MS EC & FM EC, A800 all, FM850

Cleaner for Milk Systems:

  • Bottle size: 950 milliliters
  • Compatible machines: FM CM of A200, A400, A600, A1000 and SB1200

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Franke Coffee Systems, Franke cleaner for milk system, liquid cleaner

Purify your water – Filter Cartridge


To craft the perfect cup time after time, the water in your machine needs to stay fresh. To do so, seamlessly replace* your water filter on a regular basis.
*Only for operation with water tank.


Quantity per package:

  • 6 cartridges
  • Compatible machines: A200 range, A400 NM & MS EC, A600 NM & MS EC

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Franke Coffee Systems, Franke water filter

Remove the buildup from water – Descaler


Descaling your coffee machine several times a year is essential to its regular maintenance. This removes any calcification or other buil-dup from the components deep inside, thus ensuring highest coffee quality and extending your machine's lifetime.



  • Bottle size: 0.7 liters
  • Compatible machines: A200 range

Descaler Concentrate:

  • Cartridge size: 440 milliliters
  • Compatible machines: A300 range

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Franke Coffee Systems, Franke descaler for coffee machines, liquid cleaner

Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Milk System Cleaning Agent 567.0000.009/567.0000.005. PDF (9 MB)

MSDS Descaler Concentrate 560/0589/837 PDF (10 MB)

MSDS Milk System Cleaning Agent US 567.0000.004/567.0000.006 PDF (839 KB)

MSDS Cleaning Tabs 567.0000.010/567.0000.011 PDF (6 MB)

MSDS Cleaning Tabs NA 567.0000.002 PDF (852 KB)

MSDS Brematron 567.0000.001 PDF (4 MB)

MSDS Descaler 567.0000.008/560.0004.035 PDF (7 MB)

MSDS Cleaning Tabs CN 567.0000.016 PDF (564 KB)

MSDS Cleaning Solution US 567.0000.003 PDF (736 KB)

MSDS Cleaning Solution 567.0000.007 PDF (6 MB)




Franke Coffee Systems, Franke Cleaning supplies, cleaning tabs, cleaner milk system, descaler for coffee machine

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We offer a broad range of in-house cleaners and water treatment products designed to descale and clean your Franke coffee makers and milk systems for long-lasting premium operations.





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