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For Self-Service

Grow your business, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve productivity with an amazing to-go coffee experience. Our self-service technologies provide your customers with coffee on their terms while optimizing your processes and managing your resources effectively.

Impress with IndividualMilk Technology

Satisfy a broad range of customer tastes with our IndividualMilk Technology. Developed for our Speciality Beverage Station, SB1200, this innovative solution allows your customers to safely enjoy their choice of dairy or vegan milk all within the same coffee machine. Guaranteed pure and free of cross-contamination and residues, from storage to cup.

Franke Coffee Systems, coffee machine screen close-up with finger, dairy milk and oart milk, milk choice

Serve high in-cup quality with iQFlow™

Get the most out of every roasted coffee bean with iQFlow™ – intelligent aroma extraction technology. iQFlow™ enables customizable programs so you can consistently delight customers with your own signature aroma using exact specifications for every machine in your fleet across every location.

Franke Coffee Systems, coffee machine screen close-up with iQFlow

Enhance resources with Franke Optical Cup Recognition

Improve your coffee-to-cup ratio and minimize waste with the Franke Optical Cup Recognition. Our unique system uses cameras to match cup capacity to the beverage before dispensing, in every cup. It even recognizes your choice of cups, from single-use to ceramics. This not only improves the customer journey but also reduces their waiting times and reduces overall waste from over-poured beverages.

Franke Coffee Systems, optical cup recognition, cup sizes

Make the First Shot memorable

Create a memorable to-go coffee experience with our First Shot technology. Programmable to your specifications, First Shot ensures every selected beverage is as hot as you need it to be – all-day long, from the very first in the morning to the very last at night. Helping you to reduce wasted drinks, improve the customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty. After all, one amazing visit leads to many more.

Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine A800, latte macchiato, first shot

Effortless hygiene with spout cleaning adapter

Simplify your coffee machine cleaning with our ingenious cleaning adaptor. Designed to fit your machine's single spout dispenser to ensure cleaning without disassembly for a fully automatic and streamlined process. Helping to reduce your team's manual cleaning tasks as well as machine downtime so they can focus on face-to-face interactions and productivity.

Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine, cleaning, cleaning supplies

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