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Consistent Quality

Perform at your very best in every customer interaction with Franke’s reliable coffee solutions.

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Get the most out of every roast

Consistency is key – especially in coffee. Satisfy your loyal clientele and convert new customers with our professional coffee machines, for high in-cup-quality in every cup served. Our iQFlow™ technology revolutionises coffee preparation, with real-time extraction control for individual taste profiles in both warm and cold beverages.

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Deep cleaning at the push of a button

Consistently high-quality coffee is dependent upon more than just the beans. Exceptional hygiene standards in your machines are fundamental in order to deliver quality cup after cup. Our automatic cleaning technologies, CleanMaster and EasyClean, and our range of cleaning products, make it easy to maintain your machines, so you can spend more time focusing on your customers.

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Digitalised fleet management

With Franke Digital Services, you can ensure consistent in-cup quality by conveniently monitoring your locations, machines, and drinks. You’ll be alerted of any deviations so you can promptly resolve issues as soon as they arise – meaning less machine and fleet downtime and more memorable coffee moments.

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