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Coffee at its peak

Hotel Riffelhaus, Zermatt, Switzerland

Amidst the dramatic peaks of the Swiss Alps, on the terrace of Hotel Riffelhaus, guests delight in spectacular views of the Matterhorn. But it’s not just the view that draws a crowd, it's the coffee that allows them to truly savour the moment.

Franke Coffee Systems 3 people standing in front of hotel Riffelhaus and Matterhorn

The perfect foam on top of Riffelberg

Franke Coffee Systems 3 people standing in front of hotel Riffelhaus and Matterhorn Franke Coffee Systems waiter carrying tray with coffee beverages in front of Matterhorn
Bundled in heavy coats, legs tucked under blankets and faces pointed toward the sun, the guests of Hotel Riffelhaus gaze across at one of Switzerland's most beautiful mountains – a moment made all the more enjoyable with hands cupped around a steaming coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato or tea. To ensure that these moments are the best they can be, Franke A600 automatic coffee machines work tirelessly behind the scenes. Subject to intense daily demands both in terms of volume and quality, the neatly-arranged touch screens of the A600 ensure staff can effortlessly serve guests their favourite drink and can continue to focus on the customer, and not on the machine. When Jürgen Marx took over the management of the Riffelhaus, he wasn't satisfied with the milk foam. “I personally love milk froth. For me, it must be quite simply perfect,” he says. Now, thanks to FoamMaster, staff can prepare the perfect barista-quality milk foam that Marx loves – and loves to serve. From refreshing cold milk froth to artistically layered hot coffee beverages, both the consistency and density of the foam can be effortlessly varied according to each specialty order. In addition to excellent service, Marx also was also looking for a cleaning solution to ensure optimum performance for each of the 200 cups served per day. "Rational cleaning is extremely important for our establishment", he says. The A600 takes care of this. The fully automatic CleanMaster module with integrated cleaning cartridge allows for efficient and intuitive cleaning which complies with strict HACCP standards at all times.
Franke Coffee Systems man talking “Today, everyone expects to be served barista-quality coffee,” says Fernando Clemenz, Head of Catering at Matterhorn Group AG.

With Franke's automatic coffee machines, Matterhorn Group AG benefits from coffee quality that meets the standards of today whilst also serving their business needs into tomorrow.

“With Franke, a handshake is enough. With them, a promise is a promise. They see us as a customer and they are a reliable partner for us,” says Fernando Clemenz, Head of Catering at Matterhorn Group AG. “To be honest, I thought we would have had to replace the machines long ago. However, they are as reliable and solid as a Swiss watch movement.”

Franke Coffee Machines in action

Fully automatic coffee machine for hotel and restaurants

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Whether you need to serve several locations or offer a variety of flavours, Franke has the perfect premium coffee solution for you.


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