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Franke Coffee Systems, man and woman holding cups in hotel breakfast area, in front of a fully automatic coffee machine Franke A600

Hotels and restaurants

Unforgettable coffee moments for hotels and restaurants

At Franke, we believe in love at first sip. It’s about more than coffee, it’s about crafting unforgettable moments for your customers and staff so your business can thrive.

Details matter. Transforming your coffee service into a five-star review and your customer experience into a loyal following demands that every nuance – from flavour to function – is perfect, effortless and of the highest quality.

At the touch of a button

Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke, touchscreen with beverage menu, hand selecting beverage Franke Coffee Systems, 3 coffee beverages, hot, cold and flavored
Simplify your service from start to finish. Our highly modular coffee machines offer a wide variety of delicious premium coffee beverages – all at the touch of a button. Spend more time providing personalised barista-quality coffee, milk, chocolate and tea drinks, and less time cleaning and maintaining your machine. Place Swiss design heritage and reliability at the heart of every cup.
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Perfect in-cup quality

In-cup quality is what makes a moment unforgettable – giving your customers a reason to return again and again. Our ground-breaking technologies provide unrivalled in-cup quality and extract more flavour throughout the entire extraction process than any other espresso extraction system.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Vivid displays, customised menus and an easy, intuitive user interface encourage inspired choices that make coffee moments unforgettable. Enjoy the convenience of fully automatic and integrated cleaning, and ensure you meet the strictest hygiene standards whilst using less time, energy and effort.

A partner you can rely on

Wherever you are on your journey, our matchless coffee expertise and experience will guide you through every step. From perfect in-cup quality to overcoming any challenges that stand in the way of your business, no matter the scale of your ambition, we’re more than just a machine you can trust - we are a partner you can count on.

Complete customisation

Enjoy fully customisable modular coffee systems with flexible configuration and a wide range of additional features. Whether it's a coffee machine for hotel breakfast, late-night dining or everything in between, tailor your machine around your operation, not your operation around your machine.


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Hotel Riffelhaus, Zermatt

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Franke Coffee Systems 2 people standing in front of fully automatic coffee machine Franke, grabbing coffee Franke Coffee Systems waiter carrying tray with coffee beverages in front of Matterhorn

Coffee at its peak: Hotel Riffelhaus, Zermatt

Amidst the dramatic peaks of the Swiss Alps, on the terrace of Hotel Riffelhaus, guests delight in spectacular views of the Matterhorn. But it’s not just the view that draws a crowd, it's the coffee that allows them to truly savour the moment. Behind the scenes, the Riffelhaus is equipped with a number of Franke A600 automatic coffee machines, which are subject to intense daily demands both in terms of volume and quality. Discover the fascinating story of the Riffelhaus and why Fernando Clemenz, Head of Catering at Matterhorn Group AG, continues to partner with Franke.
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