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Quality Management

Enhance your beverage experience with quality management

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Industry partners and the coffee community

Our in-house team of specialists are able to assist you with menu and recipe management, including the development of your beverage menu, and with selecting and setting up your machine. We can also help you to establish your brand standards and quality across your locations, as well as providing guidance when setting your Franke coffee machine with your chosen coffee blends and ingredients, to ensure the in-cup quality standards in your portfolio are met. We provide expert knowledge on ingredient testing and usage to create new and innovative beverage options, and help you to maximise the extraction and creation of flavour profiles with our iQFlow technology.

The benefit for our customers

Across machines, locations and beverages, our goal is to provide you with ongoing support as you deliver unique and wonderful moments of indulgence, cup after cup. Using Digital Services (IoT), menus and recipes can be created, tailored and managed centrally. Our coffee machines come with the highest quality settings as standard, with no need to adjust or adapt to simplify your operations. For those seeking more specialised beverages, fine adjustments are easy to perform without the help of a service technician, to ensure the coffee quality meets your specific standards.

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Digital services

Connect your fleet with Franke Digital Services and take control of your coffee business. Our end-to-end solution helps you elevate coffee quality, enhance the customer experience and boost profits.

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Milk and foam


Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology gives you access to more flavour from beans, so drinks can be tailored to individual taste with absolute consistency in every cup.

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