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Forecasting and trends

Own your market position with forecasting and trends

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Industry partners and the coffee community

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Our in-house team of specialists are able to assist you with facilitating exchanges between you, the coffee community and our industry partners, including technical universities, roasters, as well as parts and ingredients manufacturers. We can also help you to identify and monitor trends and opportunities and provide competitive industry insights on factors influencing coffee culture and changes in consumer patterns.

The benefit for our customers

We understand how important it is for you and your business to keep up with changes in the coffee industry and consumer culture. As active members of the coffee community, our in-house team of experts are always tracking new opportunities and keeping an eye on competitive trends. We use these to inform the development of our machines and to craft a market-leading range of exceptional quality beverages for you to enjoy.

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Digital services

Connect your fleet with Franke Digital Services and take control of your coffee business. Our end-to-end solution helps you elevate coffee quality, enhance the customer experience and boost profits.

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Milk and foam

Get the most out of each coffee roast with iQFlow™

Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology gives you access to more flavour from beans, so drinks can be tailored to individual taste with absolute consistency in every cup.

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