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Installation guides

Installation guides for Franke Commercial sinks, faucets, basins, and accessories.

Download Franke Commercial installation instructions below. 

WHB5222 Wash Basin Installation Instructions PDF (115 KB)

Commercial Undermount Sink Installation Instructions PDF (432 KB)

HHF23T_installation instructions.pdf PDF (652 KB)

Topmount Sink Installation - Canadian Method with EZ Torque PDF (1 MB)

AHWSS1720W series installation instructions Nightingale PDF (1 MB)

Topmount Sink Installation - US Method EZ Torque no template PDF (1 MB)

HHF49G_installation instructions.pdf PDF (1 MB)

IWC2203_in-wall carrier instructions.pdf PDF (744 KB)

HWSS2321W-00_Medi-flo installation instrucitons_V9-en.pdf PDF (1 MB)

SSU1 PDF (575 KB)

AHWSS1720WIS-AL_antiligature model_installation instructions.pdf PDF (3 MB)

HWS05_installation instructions.pdf PDF (2 MB)

SD01-001_dispenser_instructions_Eng+French.pdf PDF (2 MB)

SD01-003_dispenser_instructions.pdf PDF (2 MB)

SD01-002_dispenser_instructions.pdf PDF (3 MB)

HWS-series hand wash basins installation PDF (201 KB)