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Usher in a new era

Maris Granite Sinks

Through clever features, unparalleled function, and elegant design, Franke Maris Granite sinks are created to empower your contemporary idea of balance.



Stainless steel

Franke stainless steel sinks are made from premium quality chrome nickel steel, which looks stunning and is highly resistant to staining, rust and corrosion

Sink with draincover in stainless steel


An exceptionally tough material, highly resistant to burns, dents, chips and stains.  Pioneered by Franke, it’s a unique material with a subtle sheen that is warm to the touch thanks to its 80% of granite. 

Close up matte black undermount granite sink in a quartz countertop


Fireclay sinks have a smooth, impervious surface, which stands up to heat, staining, impacts and resists to all standard household chemicals with ease.

Sink in fireclay material

Installation types 

Other Features

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