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Welcome to Beijing, China's dynamic capital

Its architectural contrast between its modern and ancient sites, as well as its world-renown street-food culture and dynamic nightlife will amuse anyone walking through it.

Shi's apartment

With all its contrasts and architectural curiosities, Beijing is a wondrous place to walk around. You'll find yourself travelling through different worlds by simply taking a walk, and that's the beauty of this city. Take it easy and lose yourself in the small alleys in Gulou, end up on high lanes with international stores, and wander through the mysterious Forbidden City. 

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detail of Sydney detail hob

It is the cultural and historical richness of Beijing that inspired young architect Shi to move and start a life here.

"Hi! I'm Shi, a 25 year-old architect, who moved to Beijing after falling in love with the city's architectural differences that inspire and enrich my work every day more"


25, Architect

A colourful palette overseeing a modern cityscape

A space adorned with a colourful palette complemented by large windows that bring light into the room, enhancing the cityscape view. Our Smart products perfectly attune with Shi's aesthetics, indulging in his passion for refreshing colours. Our Smart kitchen-solutions allow you to design your space with simple yet efficient design products. The colourful and bright palette will bring any kitchen to life while keeping the overall aesthetic elegant and refined. 

Beijing, China

Meet Shi

Shi, a 25-year-old guy from the countryside, fell in love with Beijing's aura and decided to move to Gulou, one of Beijing's most youthful areas. Shi has decorated his apartment with a colourful palette, helped by our Smart collection of kitchen-solutions. The lively ambient comes to life thanks to Shi's products choice and the wide window overlooking the cityscape, bringing great natural lighting into his apartment. The overall combination of all these elements makes for a soulful and stylish home.

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