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Functional design meets modern tastes in contemporary Zurich

Set alongside a beautiful lake and framed by the gorgeous Alpine mountains, Zurich is a city that seamlessly blends practicality with comfort and luxury to create beautiful and functional spaces. An ethos that is reflected in the home of local gallery owner Jacob, who has designed a sophisticated interior that combines his love for modern art and hosting friends.

Jacob's dream home

As a lover of unique contemporary art, Jacob required a clean living space that allowed his collection to shine. Smooth gray and black finishes and reflective chrome accents contrast beautifully to create rooms with depth and interest, without drawing too much focus.

dummy image FMY 99 HS BK oven
dummy image Maris MRG 210/110-62 chrome/ Active Pull-out spout Chrome

"This space is a reflection of my aspirations, personality, culture, and life journey."


Art Curator and Gallerist

In this penthouse looking over the lake, the kitchen is the focal point and essence of the home. The recessed appliances: the ceiling hood, integrated oven and hob also ensure that the home's clean lines are maintained throughout the space. A feature that was essential to Jacob's sharp curator eye.

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Blending art and architecture

Home to numerous pioneering art galleries and museums, Zurich is without a doubt Switzerland's cultural center. The city's thriving artistic community draws inspiration from its medieval cobbled streets as much as the nature and industry that surrounds it. Giving residents endless creative possibilities to design beautiful elevated spaces.

Lindenhof, Zurich

Meet Jacob

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Meet Jacob, a 50-year-old gallery owner. He is a lover of cooking and French wine and enjoys sharing both with his close-knit community of friends. As a curator, he is fascinated by all things art including design and cinema but he isn't shy to participate in or watch some good sport. Jacob is actively involved in the organization of a small art festival aimed at affirming the importance of modern art in contemporary culture.
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Franke products used

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