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São Paulo

Harmony inspired by nature

A city that is dynamic as it is crowded, São Paulo is teeming with energy and inspiration. Drawing on the vibrant murals that adorn the buildings, the historical architecture, and the abundant nature that surrounds it, São Paulo local, Giovanna created a home that brings these rich influences together to create a harmonious space.

Giovanna's dream home

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With a view of the river and the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Giovanna's home in the Morumbi district immediately exudes an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. A feeling enhanced by the neutral tones and raw materials found throughout the house. Soft wooden furniture perfectly complements pops of greenery to create an airy space full of light.

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"I wanted to celebrate nature and bring it inside my home to contrast the busy city outside"


CEO of a cosmetics company

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With a focus on aromatic herbs, tradition, and her love for food, the kitchen is a delight of bright spaces and playful features. Green ceramic tiles cover the worktop accented by the polished black oven and a black fragranite sink within. A swing brings a whimsical touch to the kitchen and creates a joyful seat for Giovanna's daughters to watch her cook. While tribal wooden masks adorn the walls to celebrate her heritage and bring color to the space.

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In this capital of innovation and technology, old coffee baron houses intermingle with the modernist style of Oscar Niemeyer. Down every street in the old city center is a hidden architectural gem waiting to be discovered. The vibrant music and art scene keeps São Paulo's energy buzzing and provide exciting opportunities for creativity and fresh design inspiration to bring into your home.

Morumbi district, São Paulo

Meet Giovana

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Meet Giovana, a 39-year-old business owner, and entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry. She is married to Carlos and has twin daughters, Anna and Anita, age 6. She inherited from her grandmother recipes and preparations from the ancient Brazilian Curander culture, which she used as the foundation for her company's natural cosmetics and body care products. But Giovanna still believes that the best medicine is good food. As a proud Brazilian she has a weakness for Pelé and the Brazilian national football team.
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Franke products used

Find products that inspired Giovana for her dream kitchen


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