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Expand your kitchen's possibilities with Franke innovations

Specialized solutions from Franke's foodservice experts

Noodle Cooker Closeup
As a Franke customer, you benefit from our decades of experience in the planning, outfitting and maintaining of kitchen and service areas for the largest global operators. Sometimes they bring us problems that other providers have overlooked – problems that have been plaguing their business, and industry, for years. Often, these chronic operational pain points become Franke's opportunities for innovation. As such, several key pillars of innovation have emerged: specialty refrigeration and heating; automation; ventilation and air quality; and smallwares, including workstation organization.


Frozen Product Dispenser – Stay fresh from frozen to fried

Enjoy our high capacity freezers offering optimized holding and automatic dispensing of frozen food products.

Transporter – A reliable food conveyor system

Stretch the practical distance between your QSR kitchens and order assembly or service areas without sacrificing speed and throughput.

Specialty cooking

Noodle Cooker – Foolproof noodles every time

Ensure your customers savor every serving with our state-of-the-art, automated noodle cooker.

Noodle Cooker

Frontline Cooker – Perfect your pasta

Benefit from intelligent features that give you the workstation efficiency you need and the consistently delicious pasta dishes your customers crave.

Pasta Cooker

Specialty holding

Forced-Air Fry Station – Ready to serve, ready to savor

Keep your fries perfectly hot and crispy at ready-to-serve temperatures, ready to please your quick-service customers.

Franke all stainless steel fry station, shown with fry sorting tray and undercounter storage

AutoSalt Bagging Station – Consistently season entire fry batches

Serve the perfect french fries with the ideal solution for salting, holding and packaging these and other finger foods in your quick-service operation.

Stainless steel Franke fry bagging station with automatic salt portioner suspended above transfer device

Ventilation & air treatment

Air Knife Canopy Hood – For a breath of fresh air

Create a better environment for kitchens with efficient exhaust removal and gain layout flexibility by installing our Air Knife canopy ventilation hood.

A Franke Air Knife exhaust hood is shown capturing vapors from a grill and several fryers

UVC Gen. V Air Treament – An innovative filtration system

Harness the power of UV light to maintain clean exhaust air ducts, naturally and without chemicals, greatly reducing odors and grease in the restaurant environment.

EcoVent™ Air Treatment – Remove odors that others cannot

Experience the power of ozone treatment by reducing odors and grease build-up in your commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Cascade Air Filter – A must-have for grease-free ductwork

Get grease and fumes under control in your commercial kitchen and service areas with the Cascade Air Filter.


Franke Smallwares – Customized for your commercial kitchen

Upgrade your workspace essentials with Franke's bespoke selection of smallwares, designed or sourced to suit your specific operational needs.


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