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Matt Black sinks and taps

Striking, sophisticated and timeless, Matt Black is the go-to colour for anyone looking to create a style statement in the heart of their home. It’s a kitchen trend that just goes from strength to strength, with Matt Black kitchen sinks and taps effortlessly leading the way.

The beauty of a black sink

Black granite sinks have become the sought-after choice for their stand-out design and ability to add instant impact. They will add a luxurious touch to the kitchen with their appealing tactile qualities, while also creating a timeless contemporary look and feel. 

Don’t be concerned that it’s a fashion fad that will fade – adding dark accents in the kitchen is a trend set to run and run - and our versatile Fragranite sink ranges offer options that deliver the functionality and elevate the aesthetics on any kitchen design. 

Icon Semi Pro Matte Black

Matt Black offers the creative flexibility to pair with a wide range of colours. For a bolder design statement, match a black sink with a black tap for a seamless, all-black washing up and food preparation area and create contemporary contrast with a lighter coloured worktop. Perfect partners, our Fragranite Matt Black Maris MRG 110-52 undermount sink and Active Pull-Out Spray tap will help you get the look.



Mixing Materials

 Kubus KNG 110-62 undermount sink

Matt Black kitchen sinks are also great for taking the mixed material trend to the next level. To create a strong and stunning contrast, mix your matte black granite sink with a stainless steel or chrome tap and a coloured composite worktop. Whether you are looking for inset sinks or undermount models such as our Kubus KNG 110-62 undermount sink, we have a wide selection of single, 1 ½ and double-bowl sinks that will look superb and work hard. 



Inspiring sink solutions for every space

Centro CNG Fragranite Matt Black Inset sink

Inset sinks give you the freedom to combine a Matt Black sink with any worksurface, including laminate. With spacious bowls and drainers they are an easy way to max up the style and functionality of your sink space. Here our Centro tap in Matt Black provides the perfect match to our Centro CNG Fragranite Inset sink in Matt Black.



Durable, hygienic and easy to clean

 soft microfiber cloth

As well as designing our matte black granite sinks to blend into any kitchen, every bowl is carefully crafted to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Our Fragranite material is treated with Sanitized® Technology, which reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%. With a Matt Black granite sink, most deposits from general, everyday use can be simply cleaned with just soap, hot water and a soft sponge and dried with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. For more stubborn marks such as milky white limescale deposits, common in hard water areas, our Coloured Sinks Cleaner will ensure your sink’s beauty is long-lasting.


Black taps add style to any sink


Matt Black taps are effortlessly elegant. We offer a huge variety of styles and functionalities to help you create your perfect kitchen, from standard designs with spray hoses, filter and even instant boiling water options.


If a full black kitchen sink and tap combination isn’t for you, simply add a Matt Black tap and you will instantly elevate the aesthetics. They match beautifully with any sink material whether you opt for stainless steel, coloured granite or ceramic.


Here’s a few options to inspire you: 

Active Semi-Pro tap

Featuring an elegant, understated design, our sleek and functional Active Semi-Pro tap in Matt Black will suit every style of kitchen. 

Maris Water Hub

Maris water hub 4-in-1

This tap gives you instant boiling water at your fingertips. Our Maris Water Hub 4-in-1 electronic tap will give your kitchen lots of style points, while also giving you the option of hot, cold, filtered and boiling water. Perfect for a cosy cuppa and helping with food prep.


Free from fingerprints


Considering that the kitchen tap is one of the most handled items in the kitchen on a daily basis, you needn’t worry about it being covered in fingerprints. Many of our Matt Black taps are manufactured with a PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition Coating – which is a premium finish more resistant to scratches, abrasions and corrosion. It also ensures that fingerprints are less visible, making them an excellent family-friendly choice for busy kitchens.


There you have it - black in a design nutshell. Remember, it's the colour long adored by designers and architects the world over – the reason being that it’s chic, timeless, easy and versatile. Black kitchen sinks and taps aren’t just for contemporary and industrial-style kitchens, they will also look right at home in a heritage or country-chic interior, and many other design styles.


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