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Choosing the right sink for your workspace

In this guide, we explain the different types of sink and installation methods, sharing advice on which worksurface materials they work best with to ensure your new sink is the perfect fit for your kitchen.


The sink is one of the most-used items in any kitchen. Whether it's the preparation of food, cooking or clearing up, you probably spend more time at your sink than you realise. So, striking the right balance between style and ergonomics is important. Happily, there’s now a huge range of designs and materials to choose from, which means there really is a kitchen sink that will meet your every requirement.


There’s also a fabulous array of worksurface materials to choose from – the most popular being laminate, timber, granite, marble, solid surface, quartz, ceramic and stainless steel.


With so much choice around – deciding on which sink goes with which worksurface might feel tricky. So, to help you get inspired, we’re sharing some advice on choosing the right combination for your kitchen. 


What are the differences between inset, flushmount and undermount sinks?


There are three styles of sink available – inset, flushmount and undermount – and it’s important to understand the differences between them and how they are installed.


All of these sink styles come in stainless steel, granite and ceramic and, while there is a lot of flexibility for pairing with different worktop materials, some combinations work better than others and some won’t work at all. 

Inset kitchen sinks


An inset sink is installed from above and ‘set into’ the worksurface with the rim sitting slightly proud of the material. In other words, the sink’s rim is shaped onto the worksurface, lipping the material with a soft contact, before it is sealed.


Inset sinks are compatible with almost ANY worksurface material, including laminate worktops – so they are a versatile choice for every kitchen. With simpler installation costs, they are quick and easy to fit making them a cost effective and popular choice.

Smart SRX 611 satin stainless steel inset sink Shown here is the versatile Smart SRX 611 satin stainless steel inset sink, featuring a spacious single bowl, modern linear drainer and slim edge.
Urban UBG Fragranite inset sink Granite sinks are also a great inset choice and our Urban UBG Fragranite inset sink, seen here in Oyster, has also been designed to have a slimmer, low-profile edge.
Mythos MTK 611-100 ceramic inset sink

Ceramic sinks such as our Mythos MTK 611-100 ceramic inset sink are ideal for use in traditional or contemporary kitchen designs. They are ideal if you have your heart set on a timber worksurface but look great with any material.

Flushmount kitchen sinks


A flushmount sink is also installed from above the worksurface but the material has been routered for it to sit totally flush giving a perfectly streamlined look and feel.


A flushmount sink blends seamlessly into the worksurface creating a sleek, high-end look. They can be installed with all worktops but need to be manufactured and installed very precisely. Care should be taken with solid timber and laminate surfaces with a chipboard core to prevent water penetration, while they will need ongoing maintenance. 

Mythos MYX 210-50 stainless steel sink with flushmount installation

Our Mythos MYX 210-50 stainless steel sink with flushmount installation features a polished slimline 6mm rim that integrates perfectly with the worksurface for a super smooth feel. 


Answering demand for streamlined aesthetics, and providing homeowners with more design and installation choice, many of our inset sinks have been developed to have a ‘SlimTop’ profile edge that allows them to be installed as a regular inset that sits almost flush with the worksurface or flushmounted for an even sleeker look. They can be installed with any worksurface material, with a more modern look. 

 Maris MRX 210-50 matt brushed stainless steel single bowl inset sink with Slim-Top edge profile

You can achieve a premium design look with the Maris MRX 210-50 matt brushed stainless steel single bowl inset sink with Slim-Top edge profile. The sink comes with our patented Slim-Fix clip system which ensures fast and easy installation from above the worksurface.


Undermount kitchen sinks


Undermount sinks are installed from underneath the worksurface and sealed watertight to the reverse of the worksurface. The thickness of the worksurface material forms a visible edge around and above the bowl.


Undermount sinks are the perfect choice for those who wish to give predominance to their worksurface material, because they create smooth, uninterrupted kitchen surfaces and deliver streamlined style.


They can be installed with any worksurface material apart from laminate as water will get into the chipboard core and ruin the worktop. Timber is also not ideal for those looking for a sink and worktop combination that requires little maintenance as this material will need ongoing care to remain waterproof. 

Mythos MYX stainless steel undermount sink

Featuring a modern design, our Mythos MYX stainless steel undermount sink has a deep, easy-clean bowl and a hygienic overflow plate. 

Kubus KNG Fragranite sink

Granite undermounts, such as our Kubus KNG Fragranite sink, come in a versatile range of colours to suit your worksurface and kitchen.   

Kubus KBK 110-60 1.5 bowl ceramic undermount sink in Gloss White

Combining the beauty of ceramic in a sleek, modern style, our Kubus KBK 110-60 1.5 bowl ceramic undermount sink in Gloss White combines perfectly with a variety of worktop materials. 


The choice of sink and installation method depends on many factors, including space, cabinet size, position, functionality required, but perhaps above all, the kitchen design. When designing a kitchen, it’s typical that the worksurface will be chosen before the sink, because it’s a principal decision in the overall design of the kitchen. Thankfully, Franke’s sink portfolio has solutions that cater to multiple installation methods, giving  the maximum freedom to customers on how to install their sink of choice regardless of their worksurface material.


The Mythos Masterpiece Collection is a perfect example, because it is flat-rimmed and therefore can be installed Slim-Top, undermount or flushmount.


Whatever your style of home and preference of worksurface, there’s a sink design that will give years of long-lasting style and functionality.


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