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Milk and foam

Discover commercial Franke coffee machines with milk frother technology and milk cooling units, allowing you to create specialty warm and cold drinks automatically.

Milk systems and barista-quality foam

Pamper your customers with daily moments of pleasure, allowing them to enjoy the luxurious milk foam that they’ll come to love and expect from your coffee offering. Delight their senses with barista-quality milk foam that surpasses their expectations each time. Our FoamMaster™ milk system creates smooth foam with mouth-watering textures at any temperature, just like a barista.

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Fresh milk system

Keep milk fresh and at a constantly cool temperature with our cooling units, which can be used to store various types of milk or milk alternatives. Our machines let you create the perfect light milk foam or warm milk for trendy coffee creations. Combined with our fully automatic FoamMaster™ milk preparation system, you’ll have unlimited and programmable foam consistency options – either hot or cold – for creating the perfect drink to satisfy every customer.

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Give each customer their perfect beverage moment with the very best milk and coffee. With Franke IndividualMilk Technology*, you can offer many more beverage variations, including the current growing trend for lactose-free milk and vegan diets. Boost your customer satisfaction, win their trust and increase your profits with our unique innovation.

More about Franke IndividualMilk Technology:

  • Works for various milk alternatives – quality and reliability guaranteed.
  • No cross-contamination – each milk choice is prepared separately, from containers, valves and lines and hot/cold processing units to spouts.
  • Extensive range of beverages – any choice of milk for every kind of coffee beverage.
  • Tailored milk foam texture and consistency profiles – high-quality foam for each beverage with any type of milk, thanks to Franke FoamMasterTM technology.
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Powdered milk

Using powdered milk is a great alternative to using fresh milk in coffee machines, whilst still creating the quality beverages your customers enjoy. Bean-to-cup coffee machines that use powdered milk are simple to use, low maintenance and operate fast. They’re also easy to clean, as the cleaning cycles simply flush through the pipes, ensuring no ingredients are left over, which makes for faster and simpler maintenance and hygienic machines.

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