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Fast Food Restaurant

Transform your fast food restaurant coffee offering with consistency, variety and support

When speedy service translates into achieving the immediate wins that incrementally build your loyal customer base over time. Drawing on years of experience working in the fast food restaurant industry, we provide market-leading coffee solutions that match the pace of your business and your business needs. From Franke Digital Services to intuitive interfaces, we'll help you keep things simple day to day, and keep customers coming back for more.

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As a fast food restaurant, standing out from the crowd means attracting customers by exceeding their expectations. It means crafting top-quality, unforgettable coffee moments. It also means providing consistently high in-cup quality, regardless of the location visited, or the person preparing an order. Thanks to our expertise and experience within the coffee industry, our reliable coffee solutions will get you to where you need to be. From configuration to Franke Digital Services at multiple locations, we provide the support, insights and control crucial to ensuring in-cup quality, profit and machine uptime.

Your entire coffee machine fleet - intelligently optimised

Franke Coffee Systems, waiter holding tablet, fully automatic coffee machine Franke in the background Franke Coffee Systems pumkin spice latte, autumn recipe, cup, foram, pumpkin, cinnamon
We keep your coffee flowing at all times and from anywhere, for faster, more cost-effective operations. Remote monitoring and support provide you with a clear view of your coffee machine fleet, with crucial information on commercial and operational performance in areas such as beverage sales, cleaning schedules and supply levels. At Franke, we are committed to the continuous development of our Digital Services offering, in order to meet ever-evolving customer needs. Today, tomorrow and beyond.

How we support you so you can perform at your very best

Uninterrupted in-cup quality

Coffee perfection is our passion and our constant goal. With iQFlow™ technology, we have revolutionised coffee preparation to give you control over real-time extraction, enabling you to design individual taste profiles and ensure consistently high quality, cup after cup. We're in the business of keeping you in business, because in-cup quality is key to attracting customers and keeping them coming back for more.

From operation to maintenance – we make it easy

Reduce the time spent educating staff, change drink menus with ease, and even run seasonal promotions without the need for site visits. With Franke, not only do you have the benefit of simple, intuitive user interfaces and touch screens - you can also enjoy the flexibility of remote fleet management and added-value services such as integrated loyalty programmes, through Franke Digital Services. All of our A-line coffee machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain, and with our employee training, you can ensure everyone knows how to set up your machine to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

A reliable partner for business growth and transformation

The coffee game is constantly changing. And so are we. That’s why we don’t just offer coffee machines and the technology behind them – we help you to build your business. Drawing from years of knowledge and expertise, we provide comprehensive operational and customer service support, meaning that we partner with you to deliver solutions that reliably and efficiently improve your entire business. Because we know that every coffee moment matters, and behind every moment you need the right environment, staff engagement and equipment.

The freedom to customise at your own pace

Our unique modular coffee solutions are designed to adapt to your changing needs. Our wide range of additional options and add-ons give you more freedom to satisfy the individual coffee preferences of your customers. Whether you need two grinders for different beans, a steam wand or cooling unit for various types of milk or milk alternatives, a payment system or even unlimited and programmable foam consistencies – we’ve got you covered.

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