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Barmelweid Clinic, AG Switzerland

Barmelweid & Franke Coffee Systems, healthcare segment, building from the outside

Barmelweid has served as a microcosm for its community for over 100 years – as a clinic and employer, local recreation area, health institution, natural habitat and training facility. But in 2014, the lack of welcoming space prompted an extensive renovation and expansion project, including a new on-site public restaurant and hotel.

With four A1000, sixteen A800 and four A600 Franke coffee machines located throughout the site, every patient, staff member and visitor can now simultaneously savour in the sumptuous views of the neighbouring Swiss valley and their barista-quality coffee creation.

Franke in partnership

Barmelweid & Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A800, coffee preparation, woman preparing coffee Barmelweid & Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A800, payment badge, Franke payment systems
As the only clinic in north-western Switzerland to have received the "Recognition of excellence” and been awarded five stars from the European Foundation for Quality Management, Barmelweid already operates at the highest levels of luxury. When it came to deciding which coffee systems would best complement the clinic in terms of luxury design, quality and performance, Franke was the obvious choice for Jürg Rebholz, Barmelweid hotel manager. After a visit to our headquarters in Aarburg, Rebholz and his team decided to replace their existing machines from competitors with 24 Franke fully automatic models – an investment and partnership they were pleased to make. "We are very impressed by the Franke coffee machines... On the one hand, the design and aesthetics really spoke to us. On the other, we were also won over by the service. We always felt that we were being taken seriously and looked after professionally, so we have great confidence in the company", explains Rebholz.
Barmelweid & Franke Coffee Systems, cafeteria, canteen, buffet, coffee “Our goal is to champion quality leadership in all areas — and this includes technical gastronomy and kitchen infrastructure. It was particularly important for us to be able to offer high-quality coffee at the Barmelweid Clinic," explains Jürg Rebholz, Barmelweid Hotel Manager.

A number of features and functions convinced Rebholz that the time was right to transition to Franke, including the innovative and integrated technologies of the A800 and A1000. iQFlow™ enables best-in-class aroma extraction and guaranteed coffee quality cup after cup, while FoamMaster™ ensures consistency of both hot and cold milk froth, individually adapted to the selected coffee product or milk type. The A1000 was also provided with two coffee grinders and a three-boiler system used for hot water, coffee preparation and steam. In addition, Barmelweid also opted for a Flavour Station. Other impressive functions include the large digital interface and built-in payment system, enabling employees to scan their personal badge to conveniently choose and purchase their beverage.

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