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Coffee shop chains

Unlock the potential of every cup of coffee, at every location

Standing out from the crowd whilst meeting the demands of a well-informed and highly selective customer base can be a challenge. We know the transformative power of quality coffee, just like we know that every coffee moment needs to feel unique. That’s why we give you the confidence to cater to individual taste profiles to perfection – no matter who prepares a beverage, or at which location. From superb in-cup quality to intuitive displays to customer service – and even solutions configured to the specific requirements of your locations – with Franke, coffee makes everything possible.

You need a partner that can help your business perform at its best. From the very first consultation to installation, and through every twist and turn of your evolving business operations, Franke partners with you to craft consistently memorable coffee moments at every location. By giving you the opportunity to offer the best customer experiences, we help you retain customers – boosting your profitability and operational efficiency in the process.

A solution that simplifies and accelerates your growth

Franke Coffee Systems, man in coffee shop holding a coffee to go cup, counter and waiter near fully automatic coffee machine Franke in the background Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine Franke SB1200, touchscreen with flavor options, hand selecting flavor
The rising demand for specialty coffee may seem like a challenge for coffee shop chains, but with Franke, you can transform this into a tremendous opportunity. Our years of experience partnering with coffee shops backed by our highly modular machines, along with our Swiss design heritage, enables us to place market-leading solutions at your fingertips. You can expect a wealth of choice, with a wide variety of beverages offering superb in-cup quality, as well as the convenience of a solution that supports your take-away offering whilst optimising your drink-in service - without forgetting consistency, from taste profiles to perfect barista-quality milk. We're in the business of supporting the specific needs of your business, allowing your operations to run without any interruption.

How Franke boosts your service, cup after cup

In-cup quality that keeps your customers coming back for more

At your coffee shop chain, we know that every coffee, every location and every moment counts. This is why we have revolutionised the way you prepare, drink and think about coffee, with iQFlow™ technology. The ability to control real-time extraction enables you to design individual taste profiles, so that each cup is perfect, from bean to brew.

Polished – From preparation to daily maintenance

From large, intuitive displays to centrally customisable menus, every Franke machine is designed to amplify your unique offering and provide consistency with the utmost simplicity – regardless of who is preparing the beverage and at which location. With the choice of fully automated and integrated cleaning, daily operational maintenance that complies with strict hygiene standards is as simple as pushing a button.

A proven partner for coffee success and much more besides

Wherever you want to take your coffee ambition, we’re here to help you get there. Franke experts are available every step of the way, to answer your questions and guide you through any challenge you may face. From choosing the perfect coffee machine to overcoming quality and customer service challenges - and even elevating your menu through timely and on-trend beverage offerings - we are dedicated to meeting your business needs.

Customise every cup

Discover the flexibility of a machine that adapts to your operations, and not the other way around. With our unique modular coffee solutions, configuration and reconfiguration are fully customisable according to the ebbs and flows of your coffee shop.


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