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Grandeur of an historic Parisian home

For centuries, Paris, the City of Light, has been at the heart of influence for culture, lifestyle, economy, politics and literature. In the center you’ll find the Marais, a preserved medieval quarter full of narrow cobblestone streets, secret courtyards and serene gardens. Formerly an aristocratic neighborhood, housing famous figures like writer Victor Hugo, now filled with the best art galleries and museums, we see how a local home draws endless inspiration from its surroundings.

Juliette's dream home

High ceilings, crown moldings, hardwood floors, and large airy rooms make this 18th-century family mansion a dream to live in. Complimented with clean and classic furnishings, the historic space is lifted with sleek elegant touches.

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"Living in an historic mansion in the center of Paris gives you design opportunities to make something really special and unique in this space."



Grand interiors filled with quintessential Parisian charm steeped in history – Juliette needed a kitchen that matched the beauty of her home yet fitted with vintage touches and conveniences for a day to day living and entertaining.

With the original features of the home still intact, Juliette needed kitchen designs and premium surfaces that complement the current interior and had the same timeless qualities and magnificent craftsmanship.

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Creative source of inspiration

Parisian truly know how to “savoir vivre”,  living elegantly amidst gorgeous architecture and landmarks, and bustling culture. Paris’s status as a design capital is palpable, with each area packed with historic elements – a heritage reflected in homes at the Marais.

Marais, Paris

Meet Juliette

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Meet Juliette, a 55-year-old writer and Paris native. Her vision for her home is to showcase its history. She lives on the top floor of an 18th-century family mansion a hundred meters from the Centre Pompidou on the edge of the Marais district. She has a degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne, and her books have been translated into 16 languages. She has always been in love with the Nouvelle Vague and French cinema, collects everything from the 80s, and enjoys the greats of French music from Brassens to Gainsbourg, and new trends such as Agar-Agar and Grand Blanc. When she invites friends over, her kitchen becomes a creperie, complete with cider, cheese and champagne.
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