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Perform every task perfectly with customized smallwares

A kitchen worker pulls a french fry bag from a holder while using a scoop to gather fries

Upgrade your workspace essentials by leveraging Franke's smallwares innovation team. From utensils to containers, our design, prototyping and fabrication experts can provide the exact tools you need to optimize each task in the kitchen. Great care with ergonomics results in saved time and reduced worker fatigue and frustration.

Features that deliver

Exclusively designed for your needs

Utilizing the latest in 3-D design and engineering tools, our expert team collaborates with you to develop conceptual renderings and animations of your ideal products. These allow you to explore and refine designs with faster decision-making.

Manufactured for swift implementation

Once you have approved your product designs, Franke takes you further by developing prototypes for testing then manufactures or sources your items for quick implementation across hundreds or thousands of kitchens.

Meeting the highest quality standards

Our design expertise and state-of-the-art prototyping capability ensures that all our custom smallwares are NSF, FDA and UL-compliant, from testing to rollout. We focus on innovative solutions that enhance finished product as well as worker safety.

Connect with us

Innovations move us forward, and Franke is prepared to take you further. Send us your messages and questions on what solutions can be tailored to you.

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