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Finally, frozen fries get the treatment they deserve

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Used by some of the world's largest quick-service restaurant chains, these Franke favorites improve the quality, yield and consistency of frozen-to-fried foods without the stress or mess of manually filling baskets. Franke Frozen Product Dispensers ensure French fries and other fry-ables stay fully frozen until they're ready for the heat, which keeps the surface of the product properly sealed while they're cooking. The result: Crispier food with less oil absorption. Safely stored in self-contained bins and dispensed on-demand in three programmable batch sizes, your foods will never experience unintended thawing – only perfectly golden, crispy goodness. 

Features that deliver

Full speed ahead

Rapid basket refill enables continuous and efficient operation without needing to manually stage full baskets of product. And the dual dispensing hoppers on the dual-lane model, our most popular, allows you the option to dispense two separate products during the same daypart.

Capacity that counts

Working from an impressive 60 lbs or 27 kg capacity, the Frozen Product Dispense fills up to 6 baskets of French fries per minute. The machine holds up to 8 empty fry baskets, equally split between the dispense and frozen storage areas.

Simple from start to service

Its quick plug-in installation and fully removable cleaning trays and racks mean once you start using your fry dispenser, your fry station will stay in constant motion.

Compatibility is key

Compatible with most standard fry baskets and capable of perfectly dispensing up to 1.5 lbs or 700 grams of French fries, you can also pair this with other Franke dispensers to increase your output or meet menu expansions.

F3D3 Dual Lane – the multi-menu dispenser

The F3D3 Dual Lane is the largest of the Franke models, with a holding capacity of up to 60 lbs, or 27 kg, of frozen fries. This dual product capability delivers an impressive output of up to 360 baskets per hour.

F3D3 Single-Lane – the starring solo act

Strategically optimized for smaller restaurants, the F3D3 Single Lane boasts the same energy-efficient and eco-friendly standards as our larger model – both consuming less than 0.35 kWh. With a single dispensing mechanism, the unit holds up to 42 lbs, or 19 kg, of frozen fries and dispenses up to 180 baskets per hour, with space to store 6 empty baskets.

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