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Franke Pasta Cooker

Perfect your pasta with the Franke Frontline Cooker

pasta cooker in prep line of restaurant

Used in popular fast-casual foodservice concepts, the Franke Frontline Cooker is as reliable in its pasta-cooking performance as it is beautiful in its premium design. Whether you're looking for an embedded installation or a table-mounted configuration, the Frontline Cooker's intelligent features give you the workstation set-up you need and the consistently delicious pasta dishes your customers crave. Make an impact on your menu quality and deliver the "wow factor" over and over again.

Features that deliver

Make macaroni great again

The Franke Frontline Cooker is made of high-quality components that assure the performance and longevity of your pasta cook line. These include high-performance and corrosion-resistant stainless steel – allowing for use of reverse-osmosis water – a multiple-stage ceramic heating system, and a large drainage outlet made of special high-impact plastic.

Automations in your station

We save you time and energy with automated and integrated features that increase your pasta cooking productivity – such as an automatic basket lifting system with two freely programmable cooking times per basket for up to four different types of food; automatic water resupply with intelligent multi-level control; and automatic skimming to maintain clean water.

Heat that keeps

To cook pasta perfectly, heat must be distributed evenly. And to cook pasta dishes continuously in a fast-paced restaurant, heat must be reached easily. With Franke's Frontline Cooker, surround-type heating design achieves uniform and quick heat transfer – increasing your efficiency and guaranteeing consistency. For safety, the boil-dry protection function stops the equipment from overheating.

Maintenance made easy

Cleaning is part of the job. But the Franke Frontline Cooker ensures it doesn't have to be a hard one. Its ergonomic design is free of dead corners where food debris would otherwise collect – making it easier to deep clean and stay clean. Even cleaning the water vessel has been made easier thanks to its fully concealed ceramic heating elements.

Franke Frontline Cooker

Not only is the Franke Frontline Cooker the most energy and water-efficient front cooking unit on the market, it's also exceptionally efficient in production. So much so that it has reliably served the world's largest pasta chain since 2010 – serving countless portions every day. Results are always perfect due to preset parameters activated at the touch of a button, as well as continuously circulating, skimmed water that never has foam or starch floating on the surface. You can forget about stuck-together pasta.

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