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Milk & Foam

Discover commercial Franke coffee machines with milk frother technology and milk cooling units to create specialty warm and cold drinks automatically.

Milk systems and barista-quality foam

Pamper your customers with daily moments of pleasure from luxurious foam that they’ll come to love and expect from your coffee offering. Delight their senses with barista-quality milk foam that surpasses their expectations each time. Our FoamMaster™ milk system creates silky foam with mouth-watering textures at any temperature, just like a barista would make.

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Fresh milk system

Keep milk fresh and at a constantly cool temperature with our cooling units, in which you can store various types of milk or milk alternatives. Our machines let you create the perfect light milk foam or warm milk for trendy coffee creations. Combined with our fully automatic FoamMaster™ milk preparation system, you’ll have unlimited and programmable foam consistency choices – either hot or cold – for creating the perfect drink to satisfy every customers’ tastes.

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