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Fireclay: The perfect blend of nature and design

For years, homeowners and kitchen lovers everywhere have turned to fireclay as their sink material of choice – as it stands up to the tests of time, in both style and wear. When paired with work surfaces such as wood, glass or granite, our selection of elegant designs and tones instantly elevate your kitchen to that of classic status. And its smooth, impervious surface withstands heat, stains and impact and resists standard household chemicals giving you the freedom to use your sink without worry or much maintenance.

White apron front sink in farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinets

Homes are meant to be lived in. And sinks bear the brunt of our day-to-day life. Spills from tea, coffee, or red wine. Knocks from metal, wood, or even glass. And of course, impacts from scalding hot or icy cold water. With Franke fireclay, you can be sure these and other spills never turn into stains or cracks. Maintain your fireclay with a simple swipe of soapy water, and enjoy your sink for years to come.


Equally natural, practical and beautiful

Quality to last a lifetime

To begin, our material properties are continually subjected to stringent laboratory and usage tests and controls. Composed of liquid ceramic, the blend of quartz, kaolin and china clay is poured into a mould under high pressure. Once dried, any imperfections are worked by hand with sponges and glazed before passing through the kiln for 20 hours. As a final step, the material and design is always quality checked and grinded for hand-crafted perfection that never fades.


Easy breezy cleaning

A daily clean with a soft damp cloth and normal dishwashing liquid is all it takes to keep your fireclay looking new. Avoid abrasive liquids or powders, drain cleaners or cleaners for steel and tap fittings.

Handles the heat

Fireclay by Franke is fired for 20 hours in a tunnel kiln at temperatures reaching above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1200 degrees Celsius. This process creates an extremely hard surface, scratch-resistant, heat-proof and impervious to acids and bleaches.

Our Fireclay sinks

Natural material and hand-crafted quality in a range of on-trend tones and elegant shapes, you're bound to meet your match in one of our fireclay kitchen sinks.


Franke sinks are made with exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs that also feature functional details for modern kitchens.

White-Apron Front-Fireclay Sink in Blue-Cabinets

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