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What is your segment? Franke can help you

Quick-service expertise and more

We provide leading operators worldwide with over 50 years of experience in planning, design, fabrication, execution and support of customized foodservice solutions--all so they can create wonderful journeys for their customers.

Franke’s 74-year history started with Movenpick, the first casual-dining restaurant chain in Europe. Franke’s innovations allowed the operator to prepare food quickly and serve varied dishes à la carte--a new concept. As Franke's reputation in Europe grew, U.S. chains asked Franke to support their growth there as well.

Today, we partner with many of the top quick-service restaurant organizations in the world, plus leading operators in a number of other foodservice segments. Discover how and why Franke has made a difference in their success.



How we support your business

Project management

We work as a team to improve the way your facilities operate. Our experts survey, plan, lay out and innovate to optimize spaces and workflows, ensuring that your business can grow.

Program management

We reduce the risk of delays by providing capacity, expertise and specialized services to implement new menu programs or remodels.


We are your one-stop shop for smallwares, spare parts and replacement equipment for multi-unit foodservice.

A Franke design engineer prepares a CAD rendering of a fabrication design

Custom Product Solutions

Whether it calls for custom smallwares, workstations, or entire facilities, Franke's team of Design and Fabrication experts solve your foodservice or retail brand's needs.


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