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All-In accessories

Transform your kitchen sink into your ideal workstation. Save time and space with our flexible food preparation system.

Style and functionality make these award-winning sink accessories a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Designed to fit any sink*, each component is logical and intuitive to use and guides you as you prepare food, cook and clean up – a delightful experience unlike any other.

*Up to 540 mm

Eight accessories, limitless possibilities

From breakfast for the whole family to cosy dinner parties, All-In is all you need to get into your stride in the kitchen. With these accessories, you can prepare great meals without interruptions. The smart and flexible system features eight different accessories, for almost limitless versatility. Enjoy full control over your workspace, whether you are creating simple meals or large feasts.

The All-In accessories set explained


Practical and simple

All the accessories are designed to work with each other and with your sink, with a variety of functionalities all within easy reach.

Modular accessories

Mix and match accessories to customise your work area depending on your needs, giving you greater flexibility and control in your kitchen.

Sink compatible

This flexible food preparation system can be used on any kitchen sink of sizes of up to 540 mm, and is a perfect match for granite and stainless steel Franke sinks.

Compact storage

Place all your All-In accessories in the soft-touch storage container for a tidy, clutter-free kitchen, and find them again in one place when you need them.

All-In accessories in action

All-In is the ultimate intuitive kitchen sink organiser. Its ergonomic and stylish design can adapt to any kitchen finish and style.


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