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How to Clean Your Faucet Surfaces


Kitchen faucets are manufactured in several finishes.

• Chrome is a highly durable surface and very easy to maintain. For cleaning, we recommend using soapy water or dishwashing detergents, to remove limescale use a mixture of solution of vinegar and water or a suitable limescale remover spray. Under no circumstances use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges, as this will damage the surface finish

• The stainless steel matt surface is characteristic of all-stainless steel taps and it is not metallized or painted, the stainless steel surface is only reground. Very durable surface easy to maintain. For cleaning, we recommend using  soapy water or detergents designed for washing dishes, or even liquid cleansing creams.

• PVD faucet coating excels in damage resistance. However, we do not recommend using abrasive cleaners for maintenance. To remove limescale, use a mixture of vinegar and water, for your own maintenance we recommend only soapy water or dishwashing detergents.

• Stainless steel (surface treatment) and other colored and metallic surfaces are paint-reinforced paint sprays, which are very prone to rough handling. If carelessly used, there may be faster abrasion and chipping of part of the colored surface (banging on the pot, pan etc.). For cleaning, we recommend using only soapy water or dishwashing detergents, do not use liquid cleaning creams. Remove limescale gently after softening with a suitable agent (vinegar solution with water or limescale remover).

Never use dry powders or pastes to clean kitchen faucets. In areas with hard water, we recommend frequent cleaning of the faucet surface to prevent the surface from becoming clogged with limescale. We also recommend regular cleaning of the aerator (sieve) in the hanger or shower to prevent clogging with limescale and thus limited water flow. In case of large fouling of the aerator, we recommend buying a new one from your Franke supplier.

Do not use detergents, solvents, chemicals, metal scrapers, alcohol, etc. to clean the surface of the taps.