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“We act responsibly” is one of our five company values. We are constantly exploring ways to make a positive difference within and beyond our company borders and throughout our business.

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Community outreach and creating social value forms are increasingly important aspects of our work, and we are in the process of defining focus areas for Franke’s community outreach, based on three key activities: supporting charities, enabling employee volunteering, and establishing partnerships to address specific societal needs.

Charities and donations

In 2022, we supported a number of charitable projects. Some donations were related to the war in Ukraine. We also donated money and goods to Ronald MacDonald House charities in several countries, along with Habitat for Humanity in Canada, various food banks, schools, and other causes.

Our 11 targeted Sustainable Development Goals

Through the activities outlined within Franke’s activities, we contribute to eleven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets. Find out how we are continuously working to uphold our pledge in our latest sustainability report.

Decent work and economic growth

Focus on continued innovation and product development, Franke contributes to employment and economic growth in the regions it operates.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Invest in research and development to ensure it can continually innovate for a cleaner production process and bring consumption-efficient products to market.

Peace, justice, and strong instituions

Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all.

Corporate volunteering

Volunteering represents a further manifestation of our value of acting responsibly, and we are proud that Franke legal entities have developed volunteering initiatives to benefit their local communities. In this sense, volunteering at Franke encompasses a broad range of activities, tailored to the local and regional needs.

Various studies have demonstrated a link between volunteering and a positive corporate culture, with increased employee morale, a sense of purpose, and brand perception benefits. Volunteering on diverse projects also provides opportunities for cultural learning and team bonding. Aspects of our core way of working that ensure the diversity in our workforce reflects the diversity of the regions in which we operate.


In 2022, we partnered with several universities and educational institutions worldwide to share knowledge, contribute to and benefit from cutting-edge research, and source talented graduates to join the Franke workforce.

Establishing long-term partnerships with educational institutions in many of the countries in which we operate is an important part of our community outreach – we provide practical training to supplement students’ theoretical education, to help boost young people’s future job prospects, while also benefiting from the skills they bring to Franke.


Contact the Sustainability Team

Do you have questions or suggestions for sustainable solutions? Just send us an e-mail.

Sustainability Reports

Our database of downloadable sustainability reports.