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Rich arts and culture designs in Warsaw

Welcome to Warsaw, the mezmerizing capital of Poland in central Europe. A dynamic city that represents rebirth, where old traditions meet new and streets are alive with culture. From cinemas, theatres and art galleries to cosy cafes, historical architecture and open air summer music performances where squares become stages, filling the city with harmony, this unique city shares its charm with all.

Aleksander's apartment

There's beauty around every corner in Warsaw.  All you have to do is wander through its streets and squares or along its riverbank to be welcomed by sights, tastes, smells and sounds that captivate your soul and make you feel at home. It's what inspired Aleksander to build a life in the city he grew up in and embrace all of its exciting culture on a daily basis, together with his wife Monika.

detail of Sydney detail hob
detail of Sydney detail hob

By fusing smart design like the Franke Mythos Induction featuring EasyCook functions, with  an elegant touch such as the Franke Mythos Masterpiece sink with EOS Neo Gold tap, you can create a stylish harmony for your home and impress people with your stage as much as your cooking performances.  

"Hey! I'm Aleksander, a teacher at the University of Fine Arts Warsaw and together with my wife, Monika we live our passion for Polish culture every day."


42, University teacher

A fusion of culture, art and style

By integrating Franke products including the elegant EOS Neo Gold tap, the characterful Mythos Induction and the Downdraft hood, which helps reducing noise level, Aleksander and Monika have been able to create an elegant and airy atmosphere, enhanced by floods of natural light thanks to a bow window overlooking the dynamic streets of old town Warsaw.

Warsaw, Poland

Meet Aleksander

Alexander is 42 years old, born and raised in Warsaw, is a space architect and teaches at Warsaw University of Technology. He is married to Monika, originally from Krakow, and they met in Paris during an internship in ESA. Alexander inherited a beautiful apartment in the centre of Warsaw. He is a great lover of martial arts and artistic gymnastics, collects watches with particular mechanical components and is generally fascinated by gadgets that reproduce movement. His passion for space begins at an early age through comics and reading. He loves classical music and Italian Opera.

Franke products used

Find products that inspired Aleksander's kitchen.



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Kubus Pull Out Tap

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Atlas Neo Gold

Kubus Pull Out Tap

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