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Thinking big: redesigning in Dubai

Dubai is a city of superlatives. Home to both the world’s tallest building and largest shopping center, this is an Emirate that is constantly striving for more. Interior designing in the ‘City of Gold’ is a delightful experience, so we went behind closed doors to uncover a stylish approach from one of its residents...

Mark's dream home

Clean and minimal detailing complement the predominantly white and cream color scheme with elegant finesse. Marble surfaces help Mark to keep cool inside, while the sun beats down outside. Traditional Arabic motifs have been reinvigorated with a modern flair.

“I was looking for a cool, modern space that blended in a few traditional and local motifs.”


Financial Operator

Floor-to-ceiling windows, minimal furnishings and high ceilings combine to give Mark’s apartment a feeling of grandeur and expansiveness that artfully complements Dubai’s aesthetic. The chosen sink, worktop and oven work well with the understated, stripped back, design of the overall space. Marble finishings provide a premium look and feel which is the ideal match for a city where style and status are first and foremost.

A vision of luxury and endless possibilities.

In a city like Dubai, bold expression is par for the course. It’s a place where people dress to impress and love to entertain guests in style. Creating a home that distills Dubai’s spirit into a welcoming space is tricky to master but hugely rewarding.


Meet Mark

Mark is a 40-year-old Dutch expat who lives happily in Dubai. Professionally trained at the London School of Economics, he is now a financial operator and has shares in a real estate company. For several years he has been a member of the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. Mark's goal when redesigning his home was to create a space that fused the modern with the traditional. He also sought to recreate the sense of freedom he gets whilst sailing on the open water. Entertaining guests in style is just as important as having a calm and comfortable place to relax.

Franke products used

Find products that inspired Mark's dream home.