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Design against an iconic coastal backdrop

A national treasure and the beating heart of Sydney’s alluring coastal lifestyle, there’s no Australian beach more iconic than Bondi. It’s where a glistening Pacific meets pristine sand, where curling waves crash into seaside aqua pools, where thousands flock to roll out their beach towels or surf the legendary swell – and it’s all a stone’s throw away from a thriving cultural hub and bustling culinary scene.

Isabella's dream home

Bright whites, clean lines and polished surfaces harmonize to emphasize the deserving focal point of this striking space – its uninterrupted sea view. Stainless steel worktops and fixtures guide the eyes outdoors – where Isabella exercises her passion for surfing – and at the same time provide her with an inspiring canvas for her seasonal garden produce.

"I find the vastness of the ocean both calming and inspiring – it connects me with nature on so many levels. I wanted a home that gave me the freedom to express that."


Restaurant Owner and Chef.

Isabella's choice of materials was deliberate. She wanted function and form to inspire her creativity in the kitchen with a strikingly spacious aesthetic to align with her active lifestyle. She chose Franke stainless steel for worktops and sinks for their durable yet elegant design and appliances with a glass finish for their enduring appeal.

An amalgam of culture, coast and culinary delight

The bustle of the surrounding areas of Bondi Beach is reflected in both the architecture and vibrant streetscapes. Emblematic of the local “no worries” mantra, surf stores, ironic murals and bikini boutiques are dotted between local “boozy” brunch hotspots, hole-in-the-wall specialty coffee shops and fine dining restaurants. It’s a place where old meets new, where Art deco meets Victorian meets Federation – seemingly all arranged to reflect the laidback coastal lifestyle.

Bondi Beach, Syndey

Meet Isabella

Meet Isabella, a 60-year-old Australian chef. In the 1940s, her family migrated from the dramatic coastline of the Calabria region in Italy and instilled in her a love of sea and harvest. After graduating, she trained at a starred Italian restaurant in Milan and resettled in Sydney 25 years ago. She eventually found her dream home near the beloved Bondi Beach where sea views encourage her devotion to surfing and offer a sanctuary from the buzzing Sydney metropolis. Drawn to sun-washed colors, native plants and sculpture, her home is cultivated for relaxation between running her busy small food business.

Franke products used

Find products that inspired Isabella's dream kitchen.

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