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Franke coffee machines in action

Landi Sursee, Switzerland

Franke Coffee Systems & Landi Sursee, petrol station, convenience store, coffee to go, landi store

9:00 am sees a rush hour in Switzerland. But it's not the usual traffic jam you might expect. 
This rush hour sends an influx of customers into gas station shops for a traditional break in the morning to refuel with a coffee and croissant or the like.

Landi Sursee, a leading regional operator of gas stations and retail shops, has become accustomed to such busy activity at this and other peak times – when their coffee machines run almost non-stop.

Naturally, Landi Sursee needed fast and frictionless operations in their search for the perfect machines. But given the quick-changing buying habits of Swiss consumers, if the coffee doesn't live up to their high standards, Landi Sursee also needed exceptional in-cup quality, in every cup.

Their search was settled when they chose to partner with Franke – where they found coffee solutions optimized to meet their needs. Since November 2018, Franke A800 has consistently delivered best-in-class coffee experiences day after day in all Landi Sursee gas station shops in Switzerland.


Franke in partnership

Franke Coffee Systems & Landi, self service station, self-serve coffee, man having a coffee, coffee to go, convenience store Franke Coffee Systems & Landi Sursee, Thomas Bolliger portrait
As a well-known and respected Swiss brand, Landi Sursee manages one of the largest cooperative areas in Switzerland while operating four gas stations with connected retail shops. Thomas Bolliger, a member of the Management Team of Landi Sursee and primary manager for infrastructure and strategic operations, speaks on the impressive business results of the A800. “Since the new A800 machines have been in operation, coffee sales have grown by 16.5%. But not only sales numbers are relevant for us. The total cost of ownership is important as well. Also here we have been able to achieve much better results than before. We lowered our costs by 13.7 % in the last year.”

In the end, the upgrade to Franke has been a remarkable success for Landi Sursee. As they grew sales and lowered costs, customer satisfaction and loyalty increased. People returned to take their morning breaks there, now able to select coffee beverages from a fresh and attractive variety such as cappuccino, latte macchiato with warm or cold foam, or seasonal coffee with cinnamon flavor. Compared to other shop locations, this represented a compelling advantage in coffee sales.

Bollinger also recognized how the user-friendly interface supported their daily business as well: "The big and intuitive touchscreen is especially attractive for our customers. They can choose on the spot what kind of drink they would like – seeing the actual beverages already on the screen. Because of the self-service environment, it is important for us to offer easy-to-use coffee machines that can be operated without too much support from our staff. This allows our employees to focus on their main duties – serving our customers – and not the coffee machine."

The Franke coffee machines that serve them

Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A800 with black background, café and deserts, bakery environment

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Whether you need to serve more people or to offer a variety of milks, Franke has the perfect coffee system for you.


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