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Granite: hard-wearing beauty that lasts a lifetime

Not only is granite one of the world’s hardest textured materials, it’s also one of the most attractive. Our processed granite has a subtle shine and feels warm to the touch. The surface is finely textured but not porous, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. Composed of 80% quartz sand and 20% very hard acrylic resin, Franke’s hard-wearing granite gives you a lifetime of beauty.

The granite range of colors has been designed to complement any interior space and emphasize the beauty of any kitchen. With alluring colors that never fade and minimalistic thin walls and soft edges,  granite provides timeless elegance and a seamless workflow.


Extraordinarily long-lasting

Built to last and bacteria-free

Granite is made from quartz, one of the hardest materials known to man. The surface remains unaffected by temperatures up to 536° F. Also, Granite is resistant to impacts and thermal shock – even knives won’t scratch the surface. Thanks to Franke's innovative Sanitized® treatment, hygiene is guaranteed. Sanitized® reduces the growth of bacteria on the surface by 99% – for a healthy kitchen that supports your well-being.
beige granite laundry room sink with drying rack


Sustainably durable

Superbly hard-wearing and made of one of the world’s hardest textured materials, Granite remains resistant to stains, scratches and high temperatures up to 536° F.

Hygienically germ proof

Granite is treated with Sanitized®. Its silver ions reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99% – meaning better hygiene and easier clean-up.

Timeless beauty

Minimalistic, timeless and with color that never fades, a granite sink’s elegance will last forever. Most Franke Granite Sinks are available in 7 standard granite colors.

Effortless and chemical-free cleaning

Treated properly, your granite sink will last a lifetime. Simply wipe the surface with a soapy nylon brush, using a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly and you're back to perfect.


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