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Franke product videos

Browse our product videos and dive into the world of Franke Home Solutions.

Product Videos

Franke All-In - The flexible food preparation system

Well-equipped and intuitive, this modular system that fits any sink up to 21 1/4" and has all you need to prepare meals with ease, by putting the accessories you need within easy reach.

Franke Culinary Center Workstation Sink

The double bowl Culinary Center workstation features essential accessories built right into the sleek design. When tasks are complete, everything is stored neatly into this well-thought-out-system.

Franke Granite Sinks

Franke granite sinks are made from quartz, one of the hardest materials known to man. Treated properly, your sink will last for years to come.

Franke Roller Mat Accessory

Simple and versatile, the Franke Roller Mat is a wonderful accessory with a host of applications, from a dish drainer to a trivet.

Tutorial Vidoes

How to clean your Franke stainless steel sink

How to clean your Franke granite sink

How to drill faucet holes in a Franke granite sink