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Franke Transporter: Unlocking business potential in "difficult" sites

Stretch the practical distance between kitchens and order assembly or service areas without sacrificing speed and throughput. In restaurants with layout challenges, the Franke Transporter swiftly and efficiently carries packaged food items from prep to order assembly, or entire orders from assembly to the point of service. We make the impossible possible by simultaneously carrying multiple orders and helping expand your sales volume literally in seconds.

Layout diagram showing the Franke transporter connecting the kitchen with a drive-through booth

Features that deliver

Forever flexible

With today's restaurant configurations becoming as varied as building styles, the Franke Transporter enables more flexible and agile design of your restaurant's layout, such as allowing further separation of kitchen and service areas.

Expanded service potential

Whether using the Carrier Basket or the Bag & Clip Transporter System, customers are provided with smooth and swift access to remote points of service.

Optimization on a new level

City locations with the best traffic often seem to have the worst constraints. The Franke Transporter ensures operators in small or odd-shaped sites can get the most out of their limited real estate by enabling product flow across multiple floors.

Smart real estate allocation

Basement or "alternate floor” leases can be significantly less expensive than street level rent. Operators can take significant savings by using a smaller footprint on street level or maximizing revenue-producing dining space. Meanwhile, the customer experience gets a boost as your “prime” real estate is focused on service and convenience.

Dependable operations

With more than 1,200 systems installed, the Transporter can boast proven reliability. Operators can depend on the Transporter to enable and improve service while controlling operational and maintenance costs.

Carrier Basket Transporter System

This transportation system uses “baskets” to simultaneously carry multiple packaged food items from the kitchen prep line to a distant order assembly area – either across the same floor or on a different level. Configuration, manufacturing and installation are made highly efficient thanks to the Carrier Basket's completely modular design. And with optional, automatic loading and unloading , the system can run continuously or on-demand without requiring constant attention. Load, turn your back and carry on.

Bag & Clip Transporter System

Compatible with most standard bag sizes, this transporter variant uses instant-loading clips to securely whisk orders from an assembly station to a remote point of service. Whether that be the normal service counter, a second service counter on another floor, or even a sidewalk kiosk, the possibilities are abundant. Like every Transporter, its design layout accommodates your site's unique requirements by riding along a track that is typically suspended below the ceiling or enclosed above it. Orders unload and queue without constant supervision – so your employees can focus on customers.

Watch the Carrier Basket Transporter in action

See how the Bag & Clip Transporter works in a challenging layout

Transporter Document Downloads

CE Spec Sheet - Vertical Carrier Basket PDF (395 KB)

UL Spec Sheet - Vertical Carrier Basket PDF (454 KB)

CE Spec Sheet - Bag and Clip PDF (697 KB)

UL Spec Sheet - Bag and Clip PDF (779 KB)

UL Spec Sheet - Carrier Basket PDF (847 KB)

CE Spec Sheet - Carrier Basket PDF (2 MB)


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