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Workers get a breath of fresh air with the Air Knife canopy hood

A Franke Air Knife exhaust hood is shown capturing vapors from a grill and several fryers

Create a better environment for kitchen works and gain layout flexibility with the Franke Air Knife canopy ventilation hood. Our patented plenum runs more efficiently, allowing the hood to run at a lower rate of airflow. Compared to the backshelf hoods typical in QSRs, Air Knife creates a more open and brighter kitchen. And the height allows for a greater variety of equipment configurations beneath it.

Features that deliver

Unique and effective air curtain design

The air inlets of this innovative hood are at the front and sides, reducing interference from kitchen drafts and ensuring that even open drive-thru windows won't disturb the system's air balance. Air Knife decreases the demand for exhaust air while helping to lower your kitchen's energy consumption.

Improved work environment

A commercial kitchen can be a dim, smoky and odorous place to work. Crew who has worked with Air Knife prefer how it helps open up the layout while keeping the workspace cooler around cooking appliances. While LED lights brighten the task area, its higher clearance also makes it easier to move equipment around during cleaning at the end of the day.

Superior grease collection

Air Knife hood surfaces are easy to see and reach so that grease doesn’t accumulate unnoticed. The hood's sloped side walls and trough effectively collect any grease into cans in the back corner of the hood for simplified cleaning. Meanwhile, the included Franke Cascade high-efficiency grease filters capture more grease and are easier to clean than traditional units.

Manage fire hazards

To ensure your employees continued safety, the Franke Air Knife ventilation hood can be pre-installed with an Ansul fire prevention system for flexible fire suppression.

Designed for flexibility

Every commercial kitchen is different, which is why we made the Air Knife ventilation hood as adaptable as possible. The system's high proximity of 83 inches from front lip to finished floor gives you greater flexibility on the appliance type, number and position and makes for much simpler rearrangement. Even its compact rectangular shape makes it easier to ship and install.

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