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Foolproof noodles with the Franke Noodle Cooker

noodle cooker shown in line of equipment

There is an art to cooking the noodles your customers crave. And with the state-of-the-art, automated Franke Noodle Cooker in your kitchen, you can ensure they savor every serving. Every feature has been designed with safety, quality, durability and efficiency in mind – opening up a world of possibilities for your noodle-based menu. We didn’t forget versatility, either: The cooker is perfect for your wonton and dumpling offerings, as well. Available in 3, 4, or 6 basket configurations, there is a perfect solution to meet any size restaurant or menu requirement.

Features that deliver

Every noodle perfect

You demanded different cooking parameters for different noodles – and we listened. With our Noodle Cooker, you can easily adjust the temperature and cooking times per individual basket to ensure perfect results, no matter the noodles you serve – quickly and effortlessly. And we consulted with expert chefs to develop the cold-water spray rinse, a feature that is essential to achieve the perfect level of noodle firmness and elasticity

Optimal functions

To ensure your equipment is always running reliably, the Noodle Cooker comes standard with several smart safety features – including a low-water level detection function and a dry-well protection function. Even the water and electricity are designed completely separate, preventing unsafe operation under any circumstances.

Designed with durability

The Noodle Cooker is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, meaning your food stays safe and your equipment stays protected from rust and corrosion – including the heating plate. As for deep cleaning, the table and front panels are water-sealed so you can wash your equipment without worry of damaging the internal controls.

Efficiency in every step

Time is valuable – for you and your customers. With the Noodle Cooker's intuitive and integrated smart control features – including quick start, automatic up-and-down basket actions, continuous skimming design and quick water temperature recovery – you are sure to optimize your noodle process flow from start to serve.

Noodle Cooker – with or without spray function

Noodle Cooker Closeup
Whether you need 3 baskets, 4 or 6 to fit your menu, Franke delivers quality in any quantity. With water pressure at 0.2-0.7 MPa, regardless of the machine's size or spraying abilities, your customers can rely on consistently delicious dishes. Available in 3 models with varying water capacities and standard power. For the cold-water rinse feature with individual taps over each pot, choose the Noodle Cooker with spray function.

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