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Our team of coffee specialists are ready to assist you with: In-house training to expand your coffee knowledge from bean to cup. Benefit from our insights and know-how on the interaction between roasted coffee and our coffee machines. Customer advisory and workshops including coffee seminars to help you develop peer-to-peer relationships with your customers.

Our customer's benefit

Creating a memorable coffee experience for your customers is more than just having the best in machine technology. It's also about the ingredients and the skill used to make that coffee. Our team is here to share their expertise with you in advisory workshops and training. Whether you are searching for peer-to-peer collaboration or train-the-trainer seminars, let us guide you in your pursuit of in-house coffee excellence and beverage competence.

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Digital Services

Take control of your coffee and raise your business potential with Franke Digital Services. Our end-to-end solution helps you elevate coffee quality, enhance the experience and drive profits.

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Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology gives you access to more flavors from beans, more refining to individual taste and complete consistency in every cup.

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