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Improve in-cup quality with research & analysis

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Industry Partners & Coffee Community

Our in-house team of specialists are able to assist you with: Execution of sensory and technical analysis of your ingredients to measure the extraction and quality performance of your Franke machine. Participation in university and institute-led research projects for new insights and development of beverage range and coffee quality. Measuring the performance of your existing brewing process technology for coffee extraction research.

Our customer's benefit

When it comes to our machines, we are constantly striving for excellence. Optimizing extraction yield, adjusting flavor and taste profiles to bring you coffee that exceeds expectations. But we don't just want you to take our word for it, we want you to taste for yourself. Our coffee experts collaborate with you to provide sensory analysis and analytical testing so you can perfectly adjust your roasted coffee to your machine type. Let's create the ideal cup of coffee for you and your customers.

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