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Management and Governance

We have a two-tier management structure: The Board of Directors and the Executive Board of the Franke Holding AG. The corporate strategy and goals are central responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Our Executive Board with the CEO on top is taking care of the daily operational management.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management. That includes defining the corporate strategy and goals as well as supervising and controlling the Executive Board. Its six members have various non-transferable, irrevocable duties in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. The Board has three standing internal committees: a Finance and Audit Committee, an Information Technology and a Human Resources Committee.



Christian Mäder

Picture of Christian Mäder

Vice Chairman

Alexander Pieper

Non-executive Director

Patrick Naef

Non-executive Director

Michael Pieper

Non-executive Director

Dr. Michael Reinhard

Non-executive Director

Tanja Vainio

The Executive Board is steering the operational management of the Franke Group. The eight members manage the Group Functions Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Information Services as well as the three divisions Franke Home Solutions, Franke Foodservice Systems and Franke Coffee Systems. Under the CEO’s leadership, the Executive Board implements the strategic guidelines and resolutions of the Board of Directors to which they report.


Chief Executive Officer

Patrik Wohlhauser


Chief Financial Officer

Jürg Fischer


Chief Information Officer

Markus Bierl


President/CEO Franke Home Solutions

Barbara Borra


Chief Operating Officer

Gianluca Mapelli


President/CEO Franke Foodservice Systems

Peter Revesz


Chief Human Resources Officer

Beat Sigrist


President/CEO Franke Coffee Systems

Marco Zancolò


Franke’s corporate governance

At Franke, adherence to high ethical standards in the conduct of our business and across our value chain is imperative. Ensuring the high quality and safety of our products is essential. Equally important is a continued focus on innovation and product development that serves our customers’ changing needs while maintaining our strong market position. Integrity, compliance, and innovation are central components of our business.

Sustainability represend by a person cruising on a longboard in front of a  modern building


We have clear goals that support our ambition to create a sustainable world for our customers, employees and society – for both today and tomorrow. Our compass on this path are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.