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Stainless steel worktops – tailor-made to last

High-quality materials, lasting design and exceptional performance – tailored to your unique professional needs.

True to our legacy of innovation and technology, Franke stainless steel worktops are hygienic, durable and meet the highest standards of design and quality. Whatever your taste, budget or requirements, we work with you to personalize your professional kitchen space to perfection.

Chefs around the world choose Franke for our commitment to quality and unmistakable flair for design. We combine the finest materials with state-of-the-art production techniques to deliver a space you love – so you can prepare every meal with love.

Advantages of a stainless steel worktop


The lack of pores in Franke tailor-made stainless steel material ensures optimum hygiene and antibacterial protection as it blocks penetration into the material and the creation of bacteria hotspots.

Easy to clean

Franke tailor made stainless steel material is easy to clean with normal detergent and microfibre cloths – preserving the unique features of its surface unharmed.

Unique Design

Franke offers different and unique surface finishes. From natural surfaces without treatment to surfaces with a glass ceramic coating or hard chrome plating, to various edge designs and corners, there is a something for everybody.

Fine- and PureSteel

PureSteel worktops are available in both a thin 4 mm and a robust 8 mm thickness, while FineSteel worktops are available in fine 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm versions.


Intense cooking sessions, food scraps, fingerprints, heaps of pots and dishes are nothing to scare our beautiful, robust stainless steel. But with our "Pearl'" finishing option, you can make it even more resistant and easy to clean. This special coating makes your worktop forget about fingerprints and stains and makes it even more durable and hygienic.

Pflege und Reinigung

Edelstahl Arbeitsplatten sind besonders pflegeleicht. Wie die einzelnen Oberflächen optimal gepflegt werden, erfahren Sie in unserer Arbeitsplatten-Pflegeanleitung.

Arbeitsplatten Pflegeanleitung PDF (1 MB)

Das Designatelier: Kompetenz „made in Switzerland“

Im Schweizer Aarburg schneidet das Franke Designatelier jede Arbeitsplatte auf Mass – millimetergenau per Lasertechnik und mit passenden Ausschnitten etwa für flächenbündige Kochzonen. Becken und Spülen werden nahtlos von Hand zusammengeschweisst. Da die massiven Platten auf einem Unterbau platziert werden, scheint es, als würden sie schweben. Fazit: Mit der passenden Edelstahlkonstruktion ergeben sich ästhetische Designkonzepte aus einem einzigen Material.


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