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Clear the air with the UVC Gen-V filtration system

A kitchen worker opens the Franke UVC Gen 5 unit to remove the cleanable cartridge.

Safe, easy to clean and highly effective, the UVC Gen-V Filtration System is your perfect solution for odors and grease in the commercial kitchen. Our innovative system harnesses the power of UV-C-band light to help keep exhaust air ducts clean, naturally and without chemicals. Let it help you create a pleasant restaurant environment for your customers and reduce the burden of expensive duct cleaning.

Features that deliver

Neutralize odors, reduce grease

Say goodbye to unwelcome kitchen smells and grease-laden air thanks to the Gen-V Filtration System's use of UV light. In a controlled reaction, the UV rays interact with oxygen in the air to temporarily create ozone. Odor-carrying benzenes and organic substances such as grease particles are dissolved by the ozone, and then the ozone itself dissipates harmlessly as water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Quick to integrate, easy to use

The Gen-V Filtration System's exchangeable UV-C-band lamp insert, LED monitor display and 'one click' contact plug mean no special maintenance work and less down-time for your kitchen. The system can be swiftly integrated into many existing exhaust air systems.

Your safety and comfort are our priority

We designed and built the Franke Filtration System UVC Gen-V to meet the toughest safety regulations and sanitary standards. From the System's radiation proof-housing to its fire-rated design, to the easy-cleaning, dishwasher-safe UV-C lamp insert, the unit will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your operations while minimizing your operating costs.

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