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Establish an exceptional coffee culture in your workplace – Franke at work

In today's world, filled with to-go coffee shops on every corner and less time to spend in lines, the perfect pick-me-up is about so much more than just what's in the cup. The coffee lover's whole experience must be crafted to meet their needs and preferences, including at the workplace. Franke makes the difference you need to satisfy everyone in your office.

As an employer, by offering barista-quality and customization at the office for both employees and clientele, you make every break and every meeting more valuable – saving time and money without compromising on a premium selection of specialty and traditional coffee beverages.

With Franke's coffee solutions at your workplace, you put the coffee grind in your team's daily grind.


Make the most of your workday

Franke Coffee Systems, working woman, business woman, on laptop with cup of coffee Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine Franke A300, office coffee, office coffee kitchen, office kitchen, two women talking, women drinking coffee
We all know the feeling of being in the zone, in a state of focus and flow. But with every distraction, it takes 20 minutes to return to that sense of productivity. By offering exceptional coffee on site, you reduce time spent away from the office while still maintaining moments for connection and refreshment. And with state-of-the-art technologies, every Franke machine operates as efficiently as your employees.
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How Franke adds value to your workplace

Coffee that just flows – Fully automatic machines

When we say fully automatic, we mean fully automatic. From specialty coffee drinks to deep cleaning solutions, our Franke coffee machines do it all for you – at the push of a button and in quick time. And with our large portfolio of modular machines, there's no doubt you'll find an ideal solution to suit your unique space and needs.

Leave your mark – Franke Digital Signage

Your company's message matters. Which is why we, at Franke, have designed a simple but impactful opportunity for you to spread the word even during coffee breaks – with Franke Digital Signage. Remotely update the touch screen, up to 12" in size, with a personalized, targeted message as often as you like.

Designs that fit your style – Swiss-quality designs

Nowadays, the design of the office environment plays a vital role in the overall office culture – inspiring spaces make for inspired work. Not only are our Franke coffee machines made of Swiss-quality material and technology, but their modern designs are sure to aesthetically match any room in your workplace.

Pouring in productivity – Best-in-class user interfaces

At Franke, we believe every cup counts. And at your office, we know that every working minute counts too. With our large touchscreens with intuitive user interfaces and step-by-step guides, your employees can easily find and personalize their drink of choice – leading to higher productivity and more enjoyable breaks.


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In any line of business, coffee's role extends far beyond a mere daily ritual. Its power, when crafted correctly, fuels the motivation to stay focused until finished. With an impressive fleet of 27 Franke A600 fully automatic machines, Takeda staff can easily enjoy a diverse range of specialty coffee drinks and authentic coffee classics – as reliable in taste, quality and service as if hand-poured by a barista.
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