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Franke Coffee Systems, woman buying bread in bakery store paying to woman shop assistant, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A300 in the background

Coffee Shop & Bakery

Satisfy ever-evolving tastes and trends at your coffee shop and bakery

Local coffee shops and bakeries offer so much more than perfectly brewed sips and freshly baked treats. They become a retreat, a moment for customers to immerse themselves in their favorite coffee classics or in recently discovered coffee specialities – in the store or on the go.

And with Franke machines and partners at your service, you can effectively adapt to your customers' individual demands with operational ease and efficiency – leading to increased customer loyalty and memorable experiences.

Reduce costs with our A line range

Franke Coffee Systems, man behind bakery shop counter, selecting beverage from fully automatic coffee machine Franke Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke, modular, with add-ons, cooling unit, flavor station, cup warmer
Effortlessly expand or upgrade your Franke fleet with our A line range. Every coffee machine is equipped with the same platform, user interface and modern design, giving you seamless maneuverability between models. Ultimately, by reducing time spent educating staff, you save downtime costs while creating a smoother operation.
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How Franke helps your business thrive

Market-leading in-cup quality – iQFlow™

Groundbreaking and fully automatic, Franke iQFlow™ efficiently extracts the full aroma, flavor and body from each roasted coffee bean, revolutionizing the traditional extraction concept. Compared to previous systems, this intelligent technology distills more flavor under constant, uniform pressure throughout the extraction time – making the most of every roasted bean for every drink on your menu, unlike any other.

Best-in-class user interfaces and screens

Our Franke coffee machines enable your employees to focus on what matters most – your customers. With our user-friendly touch screens and reliable in-cup quality, your staff can easily find a customer's drink of choice or create customized beverages at the touch of a button – leading to higher productivity, shorter queues and better connections to the customers in front of them.

Modular solutions made for you

Needs vary from business to business, even location to location. But customers have come to expect consistency, no matter which shop they visit. Thanks to Franke's modular solutions, our machines can be strategically configured with a wide range of unique specifications and add-ons to deliver the taste and quality they rely on. From add-ons like a fridge, cup warmer or payment system or built-in solutions like a grinder or steam wand, Franke ensures that every machine has your business's personal touch in mind.

Satisfy more cravings with more customizations

Whether a customer is adventurous, has specific dietary needs or enjoys a classic cup, our Franke coffee machines deliver on their every desire. Thanks to innovative technologies like FoamMaster™ and IndividualMilk, every cup is tailored to their individual preferences – hot or cold, milk or milk alternative, full foam or just a touch. All at the touch of a button with your pre-set customizations.

Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A800 with black background, café and deserts, bakery environment

Find the perfect coffee machine

Every Franke machine is of Swiss quality. But each one has its own unique features. Find out which one is right for you.


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